Destiny Glitch Tells An Unexpected Story

It's not too often that a glitch plays out as more than just a funny moment or even an exploitable trick. But this Destiny glitch is...exceptional.

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XboxOneX1391d ago

No it was not very funny. If this was animated with actual voices and edited a lot better it would have been much better.


Hellsvacancy1391d ago

Well thank you for knowing me better than I know myself

daBUSHwhaka1392d ago

Destiny glitch tells an unexpected story.So there's finally a story now.Hope it makes more sense than the original story.Didn't read the article,the headline was enough to make me smile on Christmas morning.

typikal821391d ago

Not much of an article, more of a "hey guys come check out this "funny" video i found!"

It might as well be a facebook post, high quality post Kotaku! Keep up the good work./s