Sega vs. Nintendo: Mortal Kombat

PYB: The 90s was witness to perhaps the greatest console war when the two giants of gaming, Nintendo and Sega, went head to head against each other for console supremacy.


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joyride911395d ago

What an era to grow up in. Sonic, Mario and Mortal Kombat. That laid the foundation for the GTAs to come. The mid-90s was such an awesome time. The PlayStation had launched and made everyone forget about the Genesis and Super NES. The rest is history.

hduce1394d ago

I didn't forget about the Snes or Genesis. I also didn't forget about the Neo Geo, 3do, Saturn, Jaguar, TG-16, or any other console for that matter. That era was the pinacle of gaming for me. You can also throw in the arcade as well.

zeal0us1395d ago

Only if Sega had use its money wisely. They would've been able to stay in the console race much longer.

RosweeSon1394d ago

Sega's problem was they were always ahead of their time, fantastic ideas just all a bit before their time, dreamarena was bascially xbox live just a lot more basic mainly due to people still being on dial up great systems tho all of em shame Sega had to go.

bouzebbal1394d ago

The greatest console war to me is between gamecube ps2 and dreamcast. 3 amazing consoles every gamer had to own.

1394d ago
optimus1395d ago (Edited 1395d ago )

sega had some great commercials back then, especially the ones that would make fun of nintendo and mario...Sony played that game a little when they released crash bandicoot and they had a slew of ads making fun of mario...
Showing console favoritism was the norm. Now everyone (gamers and alike) deems it as "trolling" which to this day doesn't make any sense to me since every and all products in the marketplace try to differentiate itself from the rest in order to gain consumer loyalty.

Yes sir, I was a 1 console guy and i sided with nintendo back then. Mortal Kombat was a major player but it didn't really hurt nintendo much since they had a near carbon copy arcade version of street fighter 2 at the time and that was a bigger title than mortal kombat.

...Besides, after mortal kombat was released on the snes a kombat kode was leaked that allowed players to change the color of the "sweat" to red and thus you had blood back in the game so i didn't sweat it (ha! pun intended)... i would love to see the big 3 or at least one of them go back to using dirty tactics to gain consumers. it would make things a lot more least for me.

CorndogBurglar1394d ago

Yeah but the Kombat Kode on SNES still didnt have the crazy fatalities. Those were only on Genesis. The snes fatalities were still watered down.

hamzilla1394d ago

Yea that is true.. MK1 SEGA was the definitive winner and it helped them sell ALOT of systems.. but when MK2 came to the consoles SNES won that in a land slide. with near arcade graphics and all the gore intact! 1994 was the YEAR FOR SNES!!! MK2, Super Street Fighter 2, Final Fantasy 3 (6), Donkey Kong Country, Stunt Race FX, Doom, Uniracers....

PoSTedUP1394d ago

i wasnt around for this generation of console wars, i had both. in fact i didnt become a one console owner until the ps3.

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