Assassin's Creed Unity was the game of 2014 — not for the right reasons

"Assassin's Creed Unity is the game of 2014, and that's not meant as an honor or a compliment.

It means that no one game was more 2014 than this one, for all of the wrong reasons. All major video games will, during development, brush up against some petty controversy in interacting with a relentlessly unsatisfied public. Assassin's Creed Unity seemed helpless to stay out of trouble in the months leading up to a disastrous launch. Then things got worse."

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hkgamer1394d ago

a well written article.

assassins creed unity surely does represent 2014.

gender inequality
console parity
frame rate issues
server issues

ubisoft leaders in gaming controversies

RedDeadLB1394d ago

Gender inequality is overblown and completely irrelevant in gaming.

guyman1394d ago

Could not have said it better myself

Entonations1394d ago

I disagree. I think it's an important issue many gamers are trying to sweep under the rug because it makes them uncomfortable.

lipton1011393d ago

I don't think it makes anyone uncomfortable. Feminists always try to ruin everything. Creative freedom shouldn't be limited by this affirmative action like BS. If these "activists" want a game that fits their narrow minded mold they should make it themselves and not try to impose morals or "gender equality" on game developers that are busy working on games vs working up fake controversy

hkgamer1393d ago

Gender inequality is definitely overblown. Especially this year and ac had a thing about it with female playable characters.

What i listed was basically what people were talking about this year a lot and ac/ubi were involved in it.

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TheXgamerLive1394d ago (Edited 1394d ago )

Far Cry 4 and this game AC Unity was my fav games of 2014 on the Xbox One.
AC Unity was very playable while even yes bugged.
I'd of preferred this game not be coop but only SP for me personally. Rushed yes and Ubi still decided to release it semi unfinished. I feel it was pressure to release before xmas but common sense should of said wait 1 more month if necessary, otherwise a 2015 release should of been the date.

Gender equality is a joke, it's a video game and if the games theme isn't a gender equal game then it ISN'T.
Damn some people will harp about anything. I don't care if Bayonetta is female or Tomb Raider is, That's the game and gender equality is a tern that should (NEVER EVER) be used in a video game.


hkgamer1393d ago

True and I think the author of this article understands this. However it was a gaming controversy this year and ac was basically in every gaming controversy.

TheXgamerLive1393d ago

I believe Ubi has learned some harsh lessons from 2014, how they approach new releases will improve greatly I think.

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R6ex1394d ago

Elise, is my Character of the Year ... thus, ACU is also my GOTY.

bixxel1394d ago (Edited 1394d ago )

Yeah.The characterization was incredible. No wonder the petition for ((####SPOILER HINT WARNING)) alternate ending.((SPOILER HINT ENDS####))

Orbilator1394d ago

Loved unity, as an avid ac fan I can forgive every problem leveled at unity as none of thwm broke the game for me.

PersonMan1394d ago

A positive comment for once. Don't let the internet stop you from enjoying a game. I'm personally not bothered by the performance issues.

UKmilitia1394d ago

i started playing it today and while there is some texture pop in i havent noticed anythng thats annoyed me except controls dont seem as smooth as black flag.(the parkor is a bit jerky)

Ghost_Nappa1394d ago

I just saw a video of ac u running on an fx 8350 and r9280x at about 15fps. Fail.

bixxel1394d ago

Really? I'm running it at 20-25+ FPS using an r7 265 with only 4 Gigs of RAM (That's right,4 GB RAM-despite the minimum requirements asking for 6 GB)
The only lags I get is during the loading sessions which are ridiculously long (Yo,I'm using a below-minimum RAM). But everything else is nearly okay. Except the "Infinite falling through the world","getting stuck in mid air" occasionally. I'm not joking. Give all the disagrees you want. I'm not backing from the truth.

RedDeadLB1394d ago

I have a GTX 760, an i5 3570k and 6GB of RAM. Performance is acceptable, mostly above 40fps.

However, the framerate gets into the low teens on some of the missions. For instance, the mission with the exploding warehouse - 20fps, whatever the hell for I don't know. The Marie Somethingsomething assassination in her palace is even worse - the moment I step inside I get sub 15fps. That bothers me, to be honest. A lot.

vicristion1394d ago

Unity for me, is the game of the year. If you did not have bugs was over Shadow of Mordor (map boring) and Dragon Age.

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