PUGCast: Ep. 3 – "Still No Half-Life 3"

Kicking things off, the guys recall some of their most memorable lines of video game dialogue, including some real gems from the likes of Mass Effect, Scarface, and Zelda on the Philips CD-i (*shudder*), amongst many others.

By popular demand, the news segment returns with the participants discussing some of the most intriguing gaming news of the past week in a roundtable format; including Minecraft users recreating Notch's newly acquired mansion, Cid with boobs in Final Fantasy XV, GTA V heists coming soon, Half-Life 3 not coming soon, and more.

Finally, the conversation turns to a brief review of some of the biggest gaming moments of 2014, with a particular focus on the resurgence of Nintendo after a series of stellar releases, and the abject failure of Ubisoft after a series of buggy releases! Each participant also teases their game of the year picks, which will be posted on the Power Up Gaming site in the days ahead.

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Harrylikesgames2022d ago

Nice job guys. Definitely worth a listen!