PlayStation Flash Sale: End of Year Discounts on 30+ Games

Chieh Chen: "PlayStation Store never runs out of inventory, and if you want to pick up some of the biggest games of 2014 at a discount, we’ve got a Flash Sale starting right now"

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Reverie9901394d ago

My wallet just can't get a break

XboxOneX1394d ago

Thats one impressive discount for Watchdogs for PS3 I am thinking of picking up this game soon.

xActionBasturdx1393d ago


For the love of god don't make the mistake in down loading watchdogs. It loses its MOJO after the first couple of missions and then you'll be stuck withe it. I made that mistake by downloading it at launch and now I'm stuck with it.

ifistbrowni1394d ago

Probably going to buy both seasons of TWD on ps4 and grab The evil within with the left over $50 PSN credit... Pretty good sales on games like COD:Pro, Destiny Guardian and NHL 15. If I hadn't owned all 3 already, I'd buy them too. It's too bad their individual season pass isn't on sale.

user55757081393d ago

my wallet went to steam sales. these psn deals are still a ripoff

Gamer19821393d ago

A lot of these games were on sale for black friday but were cheaper I got FIFA for example for $29.99 on PS4 now its $35.99. NHL was the same price. This sale is a joke in fact I think this IS the black friday sale but they have added 5 dollars onto everything for those who have just got a ps3/4.. VERY sneaky Sony and devs....

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DeviDavil1394d ago

I am interested in Dragon Age: Inquisition in less price

HeavenlySnipes1394d ago (Edited 1394d ago )

I have just over $12 left over from buying games from the holiday sale

Gonna buy the first 2 seasons The Walking Dead

BadlyPackedKeebab1393d ago

Cant beat a bit of Telltale. I highly recommend them and the Wolf Among us. Episode 1 of Game of thrones was a bit meh by their usual standards but episode one of Tales from the Borderlands was superb. Possibly their best work to date.

imtheman20131394d ago (Edited 1394d ago )

I love the fact that Dragon Age: Inquisition is on sale for less than Watch_Dogs; a game that came out far before Dragon Age and, if I'm comparing apples to oranges (which I am, in this case), a game that I consider to be inferior to Inquisition.

I guess that just shows you how much more popular open-world shooters are when compared to fantasy RPGs.

Assassingamer1361394d ago

Not good discounts actually seen better prices on amazon for physical copies of this game

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The story is too old to be commented.