Shigeru Miyamoto Has Never Even Heard of Star Fox

Video Games Made Me Do It: "Last week, legendary video game developer Shigeru Miyamoto confirmed in a live interview with Nintendo president Satoru Iwata that he’d, in fact, never heard of Star Fox and that the new Wii U project was a surprise to him. “I’m not sure exactly what’s going on,” Miyamoto states. “It’s a game about a fox in a space craft? With other little animal friends? People want this?” Miyamaoto, whose various list of projects include titles like Super Mario Bros, Legend of Zelda, Donkey Kong and Pikmin, was adamantly unaware that Star Fox had even existed." *Satire*

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crashbash2025d ago

Oh it's one of those 'crazy' satire articles that people produce when they haven't got the talent to make an article worth reading.

I get it.

XboxOneX2025d ago

This article was written by an angry Sony fanboy. Just ignore it and carry on enjoying first class AAA games on Wii U and XBONE.

2pacalypsenow2025d ago

Wait so because The PlayStation is successful again anyone that doesn't like nintendo must be a Sony fan boy?

How much salt you got there

FriedGoat2025d ago

He's just unhappy that his xbox is irrelevant this gen. Don't blame him.

L0YD2025d ago

LMAO on Wii U and XBONE?

sonic9892025d ago

Nintendo is great without a doubt.
Sony is great without a doubt, those two proved it gen in gen out.
Microsoft haha lololol still didn't prove anything other than price drops and free games.
If Nintendo had the same 3rd party support as the others it would have been sony and Nintendo for sure.

WafflesID2025d ago

Wow, you could have used your one post for something better than that.

You are barely even fucking trying at this point. Just phoning it in.

I'm disappointed.

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Morgue2025d ago

It's the Onion of game journalism.

Qrphe2025d ago


You shouldn't even use that word to anything that describes bloggers like these

diesoft2025d ago

I'm not sure how this qualifies as "satire". There must be something I'm not remembering about Miyamoto or Nintendo to make this even kind of funny.

If this were like open mic night, this is the guy that gets up on stage and misses all his jokes. Crickets, tumbleweeds, this article has it all.

pasta_spice2025d ago (Edited 2025d ago )

Yeah isn't the point of satire to bring peoples' attention to the shortcomings of someone/something with deprecating humor (e.g. political satire shows the weaknesses or bad qualities of the government in a humorous way.)

This article doesn't work as satire because.....What is the shortcoming that is being joked about? If Miyamoto was well known for being forgetful or if he was the reason the Star Fox franchise has been neglected then maybe the joke would make sense.

pop-voxuli2025d ago

Bulls**t, there's no f***ing way he's never heard of star fox.

KaladinStormblessed2025d ago

My IQ just dropped a little bit.

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