About that Grand Theft Auto V Zombies DLC Rumor

Grand Theft Auto V has made one of the best transitions from previous generation to current generation consoles that gamers will ever see, albeit benefitting from being released right before the launch of the PS4 and Xbox One. Rockstar has dabbled with the dangers of the undead before in Red Dead Redemption: Undead DLC, add on content that many people consider some of the best DLC created for the previous generation consoles. It stands to reason that Rockstar is looking to produce some kind of zombie content for the fastest selling piece of entertainment property in history. But where and when did these rumors start?

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Snookies121398d ago

They should do zombie dinosaurs.

The BS Police1397d ago

Zombies are overdone. They should do aliens instead since they already have a presence in the main storymode.

MajorGecko1397d ago

zombiessss pleaseeeee gta v is the perfect platform for dayz style zombieness

Lighter91397d ago

"But where and when did these rumors start?" It started when you meet that NPC who's dressed like a zombie in the game. Everyone knows that.