Top 10 Optimized PC Games Of 2014

DSOGaming writes: "This year, we decided to break down our special article in order to cover both the most disappointing PC titles of 2014, as well as the most optimized PC games. You can find our article about the worst optimized games of 2014 here. So, time now to see what were the games that impressed us the most in 2014."

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Rimeskeem1420d ago

Kudos for putting it all on one page.

The_Kills1420d ago

How is MGSV optimized well when it has high reqs and settings that barely impact cpu and gpu usage when changing graphics settings?

Its not optimized, it simply runs decent. Aside from character models the environments are last gen. Im playing the game on a GTX 980+i7 4790k. Maybe you confuse the definition of optimized.

ATi_Elite1419d ago

Ryse son of Rome
Civilization Beyond Earth
Ethan Carter

Would be my order 1 2 3 because these games actually push graphics (Ryse and Ethan Carter) while civilization is simply a massive game with tons of stuff go on.

But it is good to see devs do the right thing and make quality console ports to PC instead of being super lazy, not adding any PC requirements, and just stuffing the game into the darn vram instead of programming for cores, threads, and scaling.