Mash X: The Worst Game Input That’s Not Going Anywhere

Some games seek to extend the duration of innocuous actions that could easily be achieved with one button press by making the player rapidly mash an action button. This input has caught on like wildfire, and we’re all waiting for it to die.

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camel_toad1420d ago

Some games overuse the mashing but some use it to great affect - like metal gear, being tortured in MGS and then the death crawl at the end of MGS4 were moments where it really meant something.

LonDonE1420d ago

Agreed i dont mind them but its dependant on context! like the MGS4 scene your talking about was perfect and made you feel you were snake struggling to go through and i thought it was a perfect use for such an input! also using levers and pushing things etc i think these actions are well represented in game by requiring the player to mash a certain button.

Quick time events etc are fine but it all depends how frequently they are used and for what!

Man i loved MGS4 i wonder if kojima will ever re-release it in native 1080p locked 60fps on PS4 and especially the xbox one since allot of xbox only gamers last gen didn't get to experience that master piece?

Lord_Sloth1420d ago

Indeed. Wanna know a game where it gets super annoying? Grand Theft Auto's Mash X to Run.

1420d ago