We eat the Resident Evil curry, discover it’s very tasty, not at all itchy [Taste test]

RN24: It might be hard to imagine, what the guns-blazing nature of its live-action film adaptations and later video game sequels, but the original PlayStation Biohazard, retitled Resident Evil for its overseas release, was remarkably stingy with its weapons and ammo. Having to make the most of every bullet meant waiting until enemies were as close as possible before deciding whether or not to fire, but being a fraction of a second too late let the game’s powerful zombies tear into your tasty human flesh.

As such, smart players always kept a green healing herb on themselves, to help fill up their life meter. Now, survival horror fans can use green herbs to fill up their stomachs, as Biohazard curry is now on sale in Japan. Curious to know whether a dish based on a game featuring flesh-eating monsters could ever be truly tasty, we grabbed a pack for ourselves.

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YamiMarik1417d ago

I'd rather have a Jill sandwich.

sashimi1417d ago

if only i knew about this before hand, could've gotten some for new years lol too late now

Special-Agent-Milo1417d ago

Disgusting! ~Naked Snake circa 1964

Kal-V31417d ago

Did you have 4 of them? BAM! Joke complete. ;P