All three classes have now completed Crota’s End Solo – Too Easy?

The Eccentric Gamer writes: All three classes in Destiny has now completed Crota’s End alone.

The feat by Warlock signals a terrifying realization, that Destiny’s endgame content might just be too easy. Either that, or Bungie should fix the way raids work."

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Sillicur1393d ago

Does look like the game really is too easy or just plain buggy? Dunno hey

CptEccentric1393d ago

I think the whole endgame is just wrong :( Also, one raid for a $20 dlc, really!?!?

CorndogBurglar1393d ago

You get a lot more than one raid for $20, but whatever...

HiddenMission1393d ago

Its way more than one raid it also has 4 or 5 story missions new MP maps 2 strikes new nightfall and a ton of really cool new gear.

If you played the new raid and strikes you would know it's not easy but you can learn tricks to make it easier and if your skill is high enough you can solo it but that is like top 3% of do I know we'll a whole group of 31 lvls still struggle.

Please stop spreading this anti Destiny hate agenda because us real player know cats like you are full of it...

Halo2ODST21392d ago

+HiddenMission , wow, that is real cheap, "4 or 5 story missions" you know damn well you only get 3

CorndogBurglar1393d ago

I didn't even know Crota's End could be solo'd. Vault of Glass had points that required more than one person. Does Crota's End not have things like that?

CptEccentric1393d ago

Thank you for clearing that up sir/madam.

CptEccentric1393d ago

Nope it does not as far as my knowledge goes :(

--Onilink--1393d ago

I dont think its easy by any means, specially when you consider that the game scales up the difficulty when you are playing with more people.

I do think however, that the fact that the raid can be soloed completely does show that certain mechanics could have been implemented/added to actually make cooperation a necessity, since that is the point in doing raids (and VoG had that)

Drithe1393d ago

It is NOT too easy. These guys are just gods of gaming. You can't solo the vault of glass. But this particular raid you can .... if you are good enough. Most people I know exploit the new raid.

This is the greatest FPS of all time. Hands down. Love playing with friends doing raids and such.

CptEccentric1393d ago

Very glad you are enjoying it. I just think, no matter how good you are, you are not suppose to solo current content made for 6 players.

Imagine if a single player soloed current content in a game like WoW. I know WoW is a MMO and Destiny is a "Shared FPS experience", but really, Destiny is a MMO.

Ripsta7th1393d ago

There is always that one guy, that goes above and beyond

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Dancinsolo1389d ago (Edited 1389d ago )

I'm really just average and I was able to solo everything except Crota. That is pathetic for a raid. Very disappointing

Npugz71393d ago

It's not easy at all!

stavrami-mk21393d ago

Crota is a arsehole fair play to those who solo'd it

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