One Handheld Gaming System To Rule Them All: JXD S7800B impressions

VVV: "Many phones can power android games and emulations but where the JXD stands ahead of the crowd is in the size and quality of its screen combined with physical controls, and the latter can’t be underestimated in its importance. The JXD can run a range of games right up to the Sega Dreamcast, amazing performance from a device for the price and it really brings into perspective how overpriced a system like the Nintendo DS still is, a device years out of date yet selling on the name alone. The JXD continues to ‘Wow’ me and those that see it in action continue to be impressed. Without the marketing budgets or widespread exposure there’s currently no danger of the JXD leading the market or taking a share from the main contenders, but be in no doubt that for a growing group of gamers this is the leading handheld out there. The JXD combines solid hardware with good controls and useful software, it will take time to get the most from it, but this gamer swears by it, I put my money where my mouth is, and if you’re keen on gaming on the go you can’t go wrong."

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Neonridr2028d ago

This thing is advertised as a retro handheld gaming machine designed for the sole purpose of playing emulated games.

I would fully expect it to be cheaper than a 3DS which is going to give you actual new content.

PoSTedUP2028d ago

thats how he advertised it, its also android (and advertised as emulator) with wireless video output to your tv, too. 1080p screen etc.

i think its pretty dope, i just dont have time to learn how to emulate things. id prob pay someone to do it for me. its $150 on amazon.

mikeslemonade2027d ago

How about just play games at home.

Sheed2027d ago

at least i can understand the need for portability and the hassle of switching games but why buy this when you could get a psp that can emulate nearly everything that thing can for less than half the price