Video graphics, the facts

Resolution, FPS and refresh rate. All explained for gamers to decide what's best.

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PoSTedUP1395d ago

it depends on the game and hardware (and gamer). for instance: Sword art online for the vita is 30fps with some dips (and frame stutters); but its a huge, really good looking game where i wouldnt want them to downgrade any of it to increase the fps, its fine how it is. crisp.

its deff up to the gamer. there is no right or wrong. some first person shooters are better with 60fps, but other definitely work with 30fps especially if they are huge RPGs pushing all the other hardware to its limits at 1080p. id rather have more to a game instead of better specs. but it just sucks that they are having trouble pushing 1080/60, i expected it to be the norm this gen.

Shinuz1395d ago

Thats whats great about pc gaming, you get to choose.

Twignberries1394d ago

Or even better, with PC you can have it all!