Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor Review - The Digital Fix

Straight out of the box an asset for Shadow of Mordor is the fact that it exists in a world as rich and well known as Tolkien’s Middle-Earth. There is a familiarity with this world that eases the player straight in, and it is unlikely that a player will not already know the difference between a goblin, orc and Uruk. The main character Talion cuts a decent, if uninspiring, protagonist as the vengeful Gondorian ranger - driven by the ritual sacrifice of his wife, child and himself by the Black Hand of Sauron. This ritual sacrifice was intended to summon Celebrimbor, an Elvin smith from the Second Age, but wouldn't you know it, something goes awry. The ritual actually binds Talion and Celebrimbor together, and with both of them harbouring notions of vengeance focusing on Sauron and his Black Hand off they go to put right a series of wrongs.

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