7 Best Stealth Games of 21st Century

InfotainmentGuru: Here is the list of 7 best stealth games of 21st century. check below the details. The shaping feature of a stealth title is that the player is inspired to remain hidden within the shadows, that is clearly terribly completely different from however most action games square measure view. There’s no gunning and running and players square measure positively inspired to remain out of sight rather than growing in head-to-head battles against their opponents.

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Idree1397d ago (Edited 1397d ago )

Another clickbait -.-

Why can't N4G ban list sites that has you clicking through 1 item a page so they can get ad revenue?

Edit: Also dumbest list ever....

Bathyj1397d ago

No Tenchu? No metal gear? What a terrible list. Sniper? Those games were panned by gamer and critic alike. The last ghost recon was terrible. Most say the same about thief. The only ones I really agree with is Hitman and splinter cell.

Batzi1397d ago

Excluding the pioneer of the stealth genre? REALLY?

SaveFerris1397d ago

What about the original Manhunt?

SPAM-FRITTER-1231395d ago

It never gets mentioned in Stealth lists, One of my favourite games. The stealth in Manhunt was amazing. If you got caught you got punished bad and that's why you always take your time..

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The story is too old to be commented.