Resident Evil; Remastered comes with a free PS theme

Resident Evil; Remastered will feature cross-buy, pre-load and comes with a free PS theme.

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lashes2ashes2028d ago

So... Almost all psn preorders come with a free static theme.

G20WLY2028d ago (Edited 2028d ago )

It doesn't say anywhere that it's only for pre-orders.

It's good to hear it comes with a theme, but the preload option is a godsend to the impatient among us and the fact that it's also cross-buy will be the deciding factor for some who are trying to decide which of their systems to buy it for.

Ma1nframe2028d ago

Hated Resident Evil games, and these remastered titles are really getting old. No thanks!

Vanfernal2028d ago

Exactly. This is the best RE imo and for people like me who don't want to dust off their GameCube to play this game this is gonna be great. People who don't care can just ignore this re-remake altogether and it would not affect them either way.

CorndogBurglar2028d ago (Edited 2028d ago )

As long as they aren't keeping new games from being made (which they aren't), why does it matter?

I get it if people don't want to buy them, but they are actually a great way for people to play games they might have missed out on in the past.

Basically, what I'm saying is that these remakes and remastered games have no effect on you whatsoever if you are one of the people that chooses not to buy them.

Inception2028d ago (Edited 2028d ago )

You should play RE games and when zombie apocalypse comes at least you already learnt what you must do from RE.

RosweeSon2028d ago

Each to their own but these are great games. Would prefer classic new games but they've gone done the wrong route on recent iterations so these old classics will have to do, only played this remake once on Gamecube I'll be going back again on ps4, hopefully 2 gets a proper HD Remaster it deserves. Came out on dreamcast and was just a lazy PsOne port and then they did the same with the gamecube version of Resi 2 how about a full Remaster, after that not too bothered thanks ;)

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Dabigsiebowski2028d ago

This game is great and the price is more than fair. Unbelievable graphics for its time and still to this day!

1Victor2028d ago

Nice I love the resident evil trilogy anything after that is a let down not a survival anymore 😢 RIP RE😢 😫💦

CorndogBurglar2028d ago

RE4 was still a great game at least.

It may have strayed a bit from the old formula, but at least it was a very well made game with lots of extra content. Most importantly, it was fun to play.

So yeah, it may not have been traditional survival horror in the sense that you had plenty of ammo and whatnot, but it was still genuinely creepy, and like I said, a very good game.

Everything after that, though, has been drivel and very poorly executed in a lot of ways. RE5 and 6 were just embarrassing to the franchise in my opinion.

PrinceOfAllSaiyans2028d ago

That's awesome for RE fans, but I'll probably be sticking to my "20th Anniversary" theme for a while.

DeadlyOreo2028d ago

You should check out the Destiny theme if you haven't already. It's great, plus the music is awesome.

RosweeSon2028d ago

Same here just a shame couldn't get the console to go with it ;( hey ho haha. Merry Christmas all!!

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