PS4 Final Fantasy XIV theme now available for download on PS Store (JAP)

Sony has now published a custom Playstation 4 theme from Final Fantasy XIV: A realm reborn on the Japanese PS Store for you to download. The themes comes with custom music and sound.

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Viryu2031d ago

Ehh, do kinda want, I loved playing XIV, but I don't feel like creating a Japanese account.

vishmarx2031d ago

the background is meh but the music and icons are good

WeAreLegion2031d ago

To add to what vishmarx said, the background changes when you switch between the top and bottom menu. It's actually pretty cool.

Ripsta7th2031d ago

Dont all themes do that?

WeAreLegion2031d ago

I guess a few of them do. It has been awhile since I changed mine from the Anniversary theme.

WeAreLegion2031d ago

Sweet. Downloading in a bit.

swishersweets200312031d ago

they should give every region this free item. I hate when they do that.