Microsoft Clarifies Halo 5 Not Coming To PC, Rumor Is Fake, "Just A Language Error"

Microsoft's Aaron Greenberg via Twitter has debunked recent rumor that Halo 5: Guardians coming to PC. It was started from the game's description (spotted by Reddit user Acuddlebug): "Online multiplayer and some features require Xbox Live Gold membership (sold separately); limited timed exclusive, may be available later on other platform"

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Foehammer1394d ago (Edited 1394d ago )

Everybody knows, it's quite obvious it's staying exclusive to X1.

The trolls where REALLY hoping but now they'll say "meh", just like with TitanFall, "meh" unless there's a rumour it's coming to another console, then it's, "can't wait to play it on..."

AngelicIceDiamond1394d ago

But wouldn't cross play with the PC community be nice though?

I don't understand why MS doesn't do this with their 1st party the idea would be great.

Blaze9291394d ago

because then "they" will say MS isnt supporting xbox with exclusives. MS cant win

CervantesPR11394d ago

No it would not lol only certain genres can be fair and balanced using crossplay with PC remember mouse is more accurate than controller

Naga1394d ago

This sort of cross-play has been tried, and the technical advantage offered by a mouse and keyboard proved to be monumental; the console users were consistently dominated because controllers just don't offer the same precision, quickness, and accuracy. As console gamers without an equivalent controller, we would always be stuck with a disadvantage.

So as cool of an idea as it may be in theory, it just isn't tenable in practice. I wish it were otherwise.

MeliMel1394d ago

Lol..if it goes on PC, oh no there goes the exclusivity. This along with other XB1 games will be playable on PC somehow, you wait and see. MS will just figure out a way of you needing the XB1 for PC cross play compatibility. As opposed to just having a PC and playing against XB1 players.

Shit its way past my bedtime. .gn

Madrigal1393d ago

Halo is a system seller. Simple.

Volkama1393d ago

@MeliMel exclusivity is only important to platform holders and fanboys.

Most of us just want to play good games. It does us no harm at all that other people can play those games too.

freshslicepizza1393d ago (Edited 1393d ago )

microsoft can never do right according to forums.

1. they put the game also on the pc many will suggest there is even less reason to get the xbox one which is ironic considering most games bought on the ps4 are also available on the pc. so who is this vocal group out there if they play most multiplat games on their consoles anyways?

2. because microsoft charges to play online (just like sony does now for the ps4) there is a conflict of interest on the pc that they tried to do years ago that failed. pc gamers will not pay to play online mainly because microsoft does not control pc gaming even though they are the main operating systems on most computers.

3. controllers are at a disadvantage to that of pc gamers and mouse accuracy.

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strangeaeon1393d ago

So annoyingly true. If TLOU 2 were to come to PC I can't help but wonder if MS fans would be quite as obnoxious.

Kavorklestein1393d ago

They wouldn't be. They would be thankful they don't have to buy as PS4 to play it, but that's about it.

medman1393d ago (Edited 1393d ago )

I don't think that's true at all. Some love Halo, others, like myself, never really got the appeal of it. Having said that I do realize it's popular, it's just not for me. I'm definitely more a single player gamer, only occasionally dabbling in multiplayer, so no doubt what makes Halo popular is completely lost on me. I would not understand why Microsoft would bring Halo to pc though, as that would essentially be cutting the testicles off the xbone...exclusives are supposed to make people want to buy your tech. If they were to make it available on pc, they sell more copy, sure, but they cut hardware sales. The only way it would make sense is if Microsoft already made the decision to transition out of hardware in the future and focus only on software, which is highly doubtful but not impossible.

underwaves751393d ago

"were" really hoping "were" not "where" lol

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christocolus1394d ago

Well now that they've got that out the way,I really need to see the sp aspect of Halo5. The wait is killing me. Why they being so secretive about the campaign? I know they want to do a big reveal at e3 or something but man im so freaking anxious.

RiseofScorpio1393d ago

Well you got a gist of the campaign with the 2 cutscenes in MCC.

user74029311394d ago (Edited 1394d ago )


@below me. NO not even close

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LOL_WUT1394d ago

Well, that should put all those rumors to rest and its good to know that staying exclusive the X1 ;)

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