Top 10 Worst Video Games Of 2014

One Angry Gamer "Games HQ Media continues to roll out video lists for 2014. The obligatory good and bad lists come with a lot of familiar faces and recognizable talking points that have circulated the gaming discussion boards throughout most of the year. In this case, there isn’t one game on Games HQ’s list won’t surprise any hardcore fans, so it’s more like a reminder of games not worth buying in case you were considering doing so any time soon."

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Rimeskeem1422d ago

Most of these certainly arent the worst games of 2014. Most of them are considered disappointing and some just had bad launches. Driveclub works very well now and to a lot is considered the greatest racing game this gen.

Wizard_King1422d ago

There is not one single PS4 or Xbox game that you can name (released or in development) that has been up to standards this year.

Every single one has been a disappointment. Short story's, lacking multiplayer, poor performance, buggy or simply not working at all. These things have come to characterize games this gen so far.

The attitude that games can be fixed after they have been released and they have taken the money is BS to, becoming all the more common now than ever.

Get a gaming PC, real devs not in it for the mega bucks are still making brilliant games, they are just not coming to consoles.

ShinMaster1422d ago (Edited 1422d ago )

"Get a gaming PC"
What's the difference? Many of those games are also on PC and made by the same devs, with the exception of first-party exclusives.

"real devs not in it for the mega bucks"
LOL as opposed to fake devs?
Also, you should probably know the difference between publishers and developers. All of them are in it for the bucks.
It sounds like you're saying that only the PC games that haven't made it to consoles(yet) count.

NukaCola1422d ago

Well if you ask me, I think this generation has been crapped on. Every game does not live up to the standard of the media, and I guess all of you. Yes we are early in the gen with a lot of remasters and sequels, but this is the first year of a new console. Instead of being excited and supportive, people are hateful and nitpicky. Game is not HD enough, this doesn't work flawlessly, this flickers, this or that. Look at the original PS3/360 games and look at them last year. There is a huge difference but it does not mean the first line up is bad. This is the trial and error phase, and I think even if a game is not perfect, people should be a little less critical and a little more supportive.

slappy5081422d ago (Edited 1422d ago )

"get a gaming pc" lolthis practice of patching games, DLC. Pretty much started with the pc

SnotyTheRocket1421d ago

"Every single one has been a disappointment. Short story's, lacking multiplayer, poor performance, buggy or simply not working at all. These things have come to characterize games this gen so far"

The Last of Us says hello.

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LightDiego1422d ago

I still remember when a lot of people were saying that Watch Dogs would be the GTA V killer, lol.

bixxel1422d ago

It was the hype.
Hype=Illusions nowadays...

annoyedgamer1422d ago

I would call these games lackluster not terrible. These games were clearly designed as tech-demos first and games second. They lacked a soul and at their core were retreading ground from older games.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1422d ago (Edited 1422d ago )

Destiny and DriveClub aren't the worst games of 2014.

Here are a "few" titles that are far more deserving than Destiny and DriveClub of the worst tag:

Murdered Soul Suspect
Kinect Sports Rivals
NBA Live 15
Sniper Elite III
Air Conflicts Vietnam

Concertoine1421d ago

I agree with Lord. You can't really judge budget titles like Murdered Soul Suspect and Sniper Elite 3 on the same level as AAA games.

NovusTerminus1422d ago

These are not bad games, just failed to live up to the hype games. I love all three games pictured. Non would be my GotY, but they are fun.

Nothing is my GotY, this year had a ton of decent games, but nothing great!

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