Fantastic Star Citizen Trailers and High Resolution Pictures Will Make You Dream of Space

Cloud Imperium Games released some fantastic trailers and pictures that will make you dream of a vast universe to explore with a perspective and level of detail never seen before in video games.

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Wizard_King2019d ago

Drive Club lol
Ryse lolololol
Uncharted lol

This is the real best looking game ever, to deny it is simply delusion.

Godmars2902019d ago (Edited 2019d ago )

And it'll be playable in a complete form when? Wont be asking for thousands in real money for a virtual ship?

And its not out and despite "earning" millions is still asking for/making money. Nevermind the old PC vs Console argument of what kind of rig will be needed to run it with all the advertised bells and whistles. There in lies the delusion.

Flavor2019d ago

Don't try talking sense to them. They are too emotionally invested in this to listen to reason, like the fat guy alone in his room wiring money to his Nigerian fiancee.

They should have stopped a long time ago. instead of a great space shooter, you get an okay space shooter stapled and glued to a mediocre FPS and a mediocre MMO.

Fireseed2019d ago

Probably a few years, kinda strange but games take like... this "time" thing to make. And besides if you actually knew the effort that went into those Capital level ships the prices wouldn't seem as bad.

And how is offering a donation section asking?

Abriael2019d ago (Edited 2019d ago )

"And it'll be playable in a complete form when?"

in a comparable time to a large scope AAA game.

I have to laugh at the naysayers trying to downplay Star Citizen. Chris Roberts and his team already proven themselves plenty, and it's only getting better with every update.

Naysayers have been proven wrong time and time again on this game. They continue coming, and they'll keep getting proven wrong.

I guess the idea that a project like this might indeed succeed is scary to some.

ShottyGibs2018d ago

"what kind of rig will be needed to run it?"

Something far more powerful than either console.

Most people with gaming PCs and half decent CPUs/GPUs.
A i5/780 can run this with all the trimming. Sorry to disappoint you mate.

ATi_Elite2017d ago

Arena Commander just got released so I say playable now.

I rather wait another year for Greatness instead of playing all the buggy crap from Ubisoft you guys have been getting.

So no rush

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Jerrymonics2019d ago

yeah its really made me dream space o.O *_*

2019d ago
Allsystemgamer2019d ago

Really baked right now. Those trailers were amazing.

GamingTruth2019d ago

nice looking game really pc fans, but best looking maybe to you all only

ShottyGibs2018d ago

So what looks better then?

tee_bag2422018d ago (Edited 2018d ago )

Hahaha - always on damage control. Are you still waiting for this gen games to look better? How 30fps working out for you this gen?

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