ADG Plays Loadout For The First Time

ADG shares his first gameplay experience of Loadout on PS4.

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Special-Agent-Milo1396d ago

This game is fun as tits with friends. Only downside is you barely get any Space Bux.

G20WLY1396d ago (Edited 1396d ago )

Been watching PS4 streams and it looks tight and a whole lot of fun!

Some of the animations, dialogue and sound effects actually made me laugh - and I'm a miserable git!

Zenith4k1395d ago

Funny bubble for giving me a giggle missrable bum

Bubiii1396d ago

Love this game! You'll earn more than enough blue stuff in the campaign to buy all you need. Best f2p on PS4 by a mile!

Deathdeliverer1396d ago

Shit made me feel sick. I think my TV is too big. I saw some insane guns people made during the little time I played.

DragonKnight1396d ago

So let's plays are news here now?

ironmonkey1396d ago

Butter smooth on ps4 and plays great for fast pace shooter.