Press Start #12: Sony Mario Bros.

Matt Doria writes "Let me know; what are your thoughts on a new Mario movie? Potentially the first of many and, much unlike the 1993 abomination that we shall no longer speak of, an animated production. Personally, I think it has potential. It’s highly unlikely that it’ll live up to that potential – if it ever gets made (when confronted on the subject, Miyamoto himself lowered the film’s chances of seeing the light of day by stating “”I don’t particularly have a vision that the next iteration of ‘Mario’ is going to be in film)” – but I’m willing to give it a chance. Also; what do you think of the whole situation regarding The Interview? Do you think Sony have made the right move by pulling the film amidst the GoP’s threats? I think they have. If they followed through with the theatrical release and something did happen, people would be slamming Sony beyond belief with screams of “why didn’t you cancel it!?” Sound off in the comments section below, and I’ll Press Start with you again in a week!"

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