Happy Holidays from the Final Fantasy Team

PS Blog: This is Hajime Tabata, Director of Final Fantasy Type-0 HD and Final Fantasy XV. I won’t take up too much of your time as you prepare for your holiday festivities, but I did want to share our holiday card with you today that truly encapsulates my feelings about Final Fantasy Type-0 HD in a single sentence.

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averagejoe262023d ago

This is actually pretty inspiring. People wanted a western release for this game. They asked for it and square listened.

Let's just hope they're listening to everything else we're asking for.

nidhogg2023d ago

This article actually got 80% negative comments.. it's embarassig for Tabata really. And you missed the point Sqyare Enix DID NOT listen to the fans, they listened to their wallets. People wanted this for the Vita and they made it for the PS4 .. im not siding on any platform here. This isn't what fans asked for and most of those who asked for it did not own a PS4.. they owned a Vita. This is not inspiring.. this insulting.

2023d ago
vishmarx2023d ago

could have something to do with the fact that vita isnt selling too well?
theyre not running a charity
there will be over 30m ps4/xb1 users by the time type-0 is out and they need to build a big userbase before releasing xv
you wanna play it so bad go buy a ps4/ sure even some wii u owners want the game but it cant be made for every single platform everyone wants it on.
it will be made on the one its most likely to succeed

blackpanther252023d ago (Edited 2023d ago )

@vishmarx. You could be right but at the end of the day they didn't listen to their fans and the people petitioning for a re-release. It got to the point that people were fan translating it in the hopes of playing it through a psp emulator on a hacked vita.

They were going to lose the possibility of making money from a fan translation point blank period. That is why they sent a C&D order. This is why they made a HD version for PS4/XB1.

MegaRay2023d ago

I will respect SE once they announce a Vita ver. Dont need a XV demo in it tho

Inception2023d ago

"Your voices are what made FF Type-0 HD possible"

Yeah and you made it only for PS4 & X1 when a lot of people screaming it for vita :/

Sigh...after they trolled FF VII fans at PSX, my respect for SE completely lost. But Bravely Second and the new Saga game make me to hold on a bit longer and saying "maybe there still a glimpse of hope for this company". I'm gonna see if i regret my decision or not...

TheGamez1002023d ago

Those "voices" were vita should have been vita exclusive...

scark922023d ago

They listen.. but not very good... Look at the recent Final Fantasy 7 announcement! xD

Qrphe2023d ago

I honestly feel alienated from this issue regarding the lack of Vita release. It's probably because I own every living system.