Crazy Xbox One Bundle

GamersFTW have been bringing you the craziest deals throughout December and frankly this has to be the best Xbox One deal this month, no actually, EVER. With 2 free games, 12 months Xbox Live access and a 40 promo card there really isn't any excuse to hold back purchasing now.

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EchoFyre1396d ago

Great deal, if anyone is on the fence about buying an xbone this should sway them!

1noobgamer1396d ago

I know, for 349.99 with 90 giveaway and 2 free games its crazy really

medman1395d ago

I'm holding out for the slim redesign. I want one, I just don't want it at the size it is now...I'm already packing a ps4, ps3, 360, and soon to be wii u in my entertainment setup...give me the slim already!!!

Death1396d ago

We are seeing some awesome deals from both camps. While this is a very good deal, I'm pretty sure we've seen some better.

1noobgamer1396d ago

It's hotting up for the January sales that is for sure and it is an exciting time ahead. So it should be now games are 33% more expensive on the next-gen consoles...

OOMagnum1396d ago

Kill it with the deals MS! These types of deals are nothing but wins for gamers.

OOMagnum1396d ago

Thats like an Xbone for like $140!

EeJLP-1395d ago (Edited 1395d ago )

Not quite sure where you learned math, but those game download codes aren't even getting bids at under $25 on eBay (for both games together). 12 months of Xbox Live is easily found for $45 (their claimed $60 'Value' is irrelevant to their actual value on the open market). Then there's the $40 Newegg code.

So you're looking at 'like $240'. Still a good deal if you're in the market for an Xbox One, but it's also not the same as a straight up $240 Xbox One. You still have to like Ass Creed, you have to put the Live subscription to use, and you have to find something later on to use the Newegg promo code on. Your out of pocket cost is still $350 + possible taxes/shipping.

OOMagnum1394d ago

Thats the dumbest post ive read in a while. So I need to learn math because you add up ebay prices instead of retail? As if people pay ebay prices at major retailers. Dont respond to me anymore your clearly not a rational thinker.

CorndogBurglar1396d ago (Edited 1396d ago )

I don't know. Black Flag is good, but why AC: Unity?

The year of XBL and the $40 gift card are good, don't get me wrong, but I feel like the PS4 with the 4 free games at $350 is better. Especially since they are all critically acclaimed games. Its like getting the PS4 for $110, but you get all those great games with it.

keegamer801395d ago

I thought you got to choose one game of the four? I just got the ps4 with gta v and last of us! I seen the bundle with the four games! However you only got one!

CorndogBurglar1395d ago

Yeah, but Game in is offering two new bundles online starting yesterday that give all 4 of the games. I didn't believe it either but both articles said you get all 4 games. And actually, the 2nd bundle gives 5 games.

Its a pretty amazing sale while supplies last, so I can't imagine it lasting long.

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