Love it or Hate it? Why Were 2014’s Games so Divisive?

GamesRadar - 2014 has been a strange year for video games. Metacritic’s raw numbers, which were highlighted recently, would have you believe it was a thoroughly disappointing year. A paltry nine games achieved an average 90%+ review score, and only three of these were original games (as in, not HD re-releases). If we’re going by averages here, it all looks a bit miserable. So, why have sales of PS4 and Xbox One been so impressive? Why are people still buying consoles in the face of such apparent mediocrity?

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Geekman2032d ago

MGS: Ground Zeroes: Liked it because I went in thinking of it as a demo to Phantom Pain

Watch Dogs: Liked it. But can see why others disliked it. It was overhyped beyond belief

Destiny: Haven't played it. Can't judge.

PoopsMcGee2032d ago (Edited 2032d ago )

I enjoyed all three of those games immensely (I'm still playing Destiny quite a bit).

I wouldn't necessarily give a 9+ score to all/any of the three, but that doesn't mean they weren't great games worth playing.

I agree about Ground Zeroes. I went in just thinking it was a "taste" and I enjoyed it.

morganfell2032d ago

"Why Were 2014’s Games so Divisive?"

Because the press made a bigger deal out of it than was necessary and all for the sake of a few webhits. Thanks, self-interested egotistical press. Way to really serve the gaming community.

hasamalaha2031d ago

I really don't think these big games are really divisive. They sell millions of copies, that means people like it.

Nowadays the web is filled with loud mouth haters. They don't like a game and maybe for legit reasons... But for some reason they can't stop talking about it. They go to the end of the world to make everyone know their opinion and they look idiotic in the process.

soondragon672031d ago

"They sell millions of copies, that means people like it."

Not necessarily. That just means they were hyped well.

hasamalaha2031d ago

It means they like it. Just like how people buy Madden or Call of Duty every year.

Those games get so much hate from the vocal.

But people keep buying them and playing them non-stop.

People hate on Destiny, even after they put 500 hours into it. Hype doesn't make you keep playing a game hours on end.

Talgrath2031d ago

i think it comes down to next-gen hype. These games promised a land of next gen innovation and graphics, but they came up rather short of the hype; so there's people that ignored the hype and enjoyed them, and there's people that didn't and were let down by them. If you expect a game to be the best thing ever, you're going to be a bit bitter when it turns out that a game isn't.