New Physical Rewards Added to Club Nintendo

Nintendo has added some brand new rewards to for Club Nintendo users.

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ValKilmer2019d ago

Well thank god. There's only so many Nintendog greeting cards a man can buy before breaking.

Big_Game_Hunters2019d ago (Edited 2019d ago )

Speak for yourself ;)

rivencleft2019d ago

As Patrick Henry once said "Give me Nintendog Greeting Cards or Give Me Death", yeah I think that was it, at least something along those lines.

MNGamer-N2019d ago

The Nintendogs joke is old with you. You used too many times.

However I think we all agree that physical rewards are what we want more of. A good balance of physical or digital rewards would be nice.

But I'm still happy with whatever they offer, because it's free. I'm never going to complain about free stuff, that's being greedy.

ValKilmer2019d ago

I've used it twice, the same amount of Nintendogs greeting card sets that have been purchased from Club Nintendo.

rivencleft2019d ago

Damn, for some reason it won't let me get the Legend of Zelda 3DS card case, every time I click on it the screen goes blank, may have to pick up that Samus shirt too since I have 1150 coins just sitting there looking pretty.


Just grabbed the card case, i do like the shirt and have the points but i think im going to save my remaining points.

ValKilmer2019d ago

Chicks dig Metroid shirts, right?

MNGamer-N2019d ago

Not if a Moron is wearing it. Nintendo chicks are smart.

TXIDarkAvenger2019d ago

Ah yes finally some physical rewards!