The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of the Halo 5: Guardians Multiplayer Beta | Hardcore Gamer

The latest creation from 343 Industries is frenetic, fast, and fun; it’s modern and innovative, yet it still pays homage to the legendary roots of the vaunted Halo franchise. Those who still have their Kinect attached will find themselves constantly shouting, “Xbox, record that,” as there’s no shortage of epic moments to be had in every 4 vs. 4 arena battle. Still, with all of the good that Halo 5: Guardians has going for it, there’s one glaring issue consistently slapping me players the face during every match:

Halo 5: Guardians doesn’t really feel like Halo anymore.

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annoyedgamer1395d ago (Edited 1395d ago )

I went onto a Youtube channel and complained about the changes but got beat up by fans. I think Halo fans are making a big mistake and are risking becoming apologists.

343 has not been very respectful of Halo. After messing up the release of MCC, the jarring lack of large maps to play and the atrocious live action series they made to introduce Lock we should be worried. I even got shouted out of Waypoint forums for ranting about matchmaking being broken.

I still remember one of the developers from Bungie stating that Halo was an arena shooter at its core and if the ability to ADS was added it would be broken.

If fans do not stand up for Halo, nobody will and 343 will run it to the ground..and they already have a head start.

Heyxyz1394d ago

Finally someone who shares my opinion (and I thought I was the only one)!!

Septic1394d ago (Edited 1394d ago )

What is this nonsense about Halo apologists? Halo fans have continously ripped into 343. Yes you tend to get some apologists who accept everything but by in large, the community has bashed 343 hard and now 343 are definitely feeling the pressure to deliver, as they should.

The Halo 5 beta however was really good minus a few balancing issues. You can't please everyone though and the things some people are complaining about are contentious points among the Halo community :

* Sprint
* ADS for autos

Other than that, the limited beta was impressive. Some latency issues aside, it was great.

So we need to weed out the genuine concerns from the concern trolling from people who obviously don't have a clue about Halo.

ChrisChambers1394d ago


"So we need to weed out the genuine concerns from the concern trolling from people who obviously don't have a clue about Halo"

That is not a job I'd want. Just reading comments on this site gives me an aneurysm most days

ChronoJoe1394d ago

Every major preview I've seen so far has had similar concerns to Hardcore Gamer, and HCG has been publishing I think for something like 8 years? you can perhaps assume that their remarks are 'genuine concerns' rather than attempts to troll.

gamer11381394d ago (Edited 1394d ago )

Have your opinion. End of the day you can't please everyone. The majority seems to be happy with the direction Halo is going. It always sucks when you're in the minority about changes to something you're passionate about.

I've been playing Halo since 2001 and have to say I really enjoyed the Halo 5 Beta, the campaigns in MCC and the H2 Anniversary maps...when I could find a game.

EDIT ...and on topic to this post. I agree about the ground pound. I haven't seen anyone use it because it's just too clunky and slow to line up in a game where the pace is incredibly fast. ALSO doesn't feel like Halo anymore? I can only speak personally, I feel like I am playing Halo but a more...evolved one. GET IT! Seriously, it feels like the next step the franchise needed to take. We have MCC and classic Halo MP...when it works. 343 are giving us both. The old Halo we can enjoy and a new fresh Halo. But it is Halo without doubt.

Septic1394d ago

The ground pound is really really useful. I've got a few kills with it already.

annoyedgamer1394d ago

Did you notice that it is very easy to get kills now? Read the article it explains it well. ADS is nkt the only thing mimicking COD now.

Enyxodin1394d ago

What do you mean by lack of large maps to play? 343 is not the best but better than bungie would be making halo 5! Just look how reach turned up...and destiny! Both of these games lack depth and bungie have lost its touch after halo 3 (which is my favorite in the series)

r1sh121394d ago

I dont have the xbone, but I got to play on a friends xbox.
I like the game so far, its still in Beta so there will be changes.
This is only 1 game type too

I know 343 have not had the best of times releasing the MCC but since the platform changed there must have been some rewriting in code for the multiplayer.
Both 343 & MS have kept everyone up to date by the minute, and have offered something due to the broken launch.

Lets see how they progress the game, but I found it fun.

This article says "you die way too fastt" LMAO
If you play smart you dont.

mhunterjr1394d ago (Edited 1394d ago )

You need to speak for yourself. I bought the OG Xbox day 1 for Halo:CE. I played it and Halo2 at countless tournaments. I felt like Reach and Halo4 MP were huge steps in the wrong direction.
I care as much about the Halo franchise as anyone else.

That said, I truly feel like 343i has a winner on their hands. The Beta IMO, Felt like the best Halo game since Halo2. And that say a lot. Actually, I have a hard time going back to halo2 and halo2a after falling in love with H5's new mechanics.

Sure, they've got some balancing issues to fix, but Many of us feel like 343i has a has a winner on their hands.

rxl2091394d ago

youre under the impression that hip firing was always intentional. it was actually leftover from a time in gaming where these mechanics werent implemented in shooters. complaining about ads is like complaining to a car company that your automobile isnt powered by an actual horse

Paytaa1394d ago

I've been a Halo vet since Halo CE came out and have been playing competitively since around 2006-2007. With that said, I welcome these new additions because not only does it make sense in the Halo universe it keeps the game from becoming fatigued. 343 in my opinion have brought the series to new heights whether it's the lore or multiplayer. They managed to blend everything from all the previous games and make it work as seen by the reactions to the early access. The Halo skill gap is still very present and that's what separates it from other shooters. Halo in 2015 should not be Halo from 2004 or 2007. I'm very optimistic that Halo 5 will be the next Halo 3 in terms of the community and competitive scene. People just love to bash 343 because they're not Bungie but refuse to see the positive they bring to the franchise.

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iNFAMOUZ11394d ago

they made halo worse yet again with sprint, and this strong focus on competition, its disgusting, what happened to fun team oriented fps multiplayer games

Monstar1394d ago

So you don't want halo to evolve at all? How can u NOT have a sprint feature...Halo should have had one since 3, the game feels way to slow and dated without it.

Sprint is just common sense for todays shooters..besides being a super soldier, that can jump so high in the air but cant sprint...yeah makes sense.

ChrisChambers1394d ago

I love the original Halo games with a passion, but after jumping into the MCC again after the beta the slow movement speed drives me insane. I'll still play it happily, but I never understood allowing a set-up like bumper jumper, where you can move around the entire map without taking a single step, jumping 8 feet in the air, but you can't sprint...

Morgue1394d ago

Ha!! I've been playing MCC and I'm like " I wish I could run " back in the day yeah it was okay I guess but when I played some MP, man it was painfully slow.

Septic1394d ago


Sprint made Halo worse?

But then you're saying the game should be fun and deriding the inclusion of a feature like sprint, which has only been an issue for competitive players?

Come on mate.

No_Limit1394d ago

If human can sprint, then I expect a super genetically enhanced super Soldier with super strength and agility better be able to sprint and leap. last thing I want is a tank.

Beta is awesome and me and many others are glad the adjustments are there to make it that much better.

ChronoJoe1394d ago (Edited 1394d ago )

Right, I also expect humans to be able to grab ledges, swim, be able to peek around corners... etc.

However, these features are not necessarily required, or do not necessarily make a good game.

spicelicka1394d ago

I really don't see wtfff is people's problem with sprint. I didn't even have a problem in halo 4 and not they've balanced it out properly with no recharge.

Hey guess what, halo 2 added dual weilding, it was never the focus on halo 1! They added usable equipment in halo 3, it was never the focus on halo 2!

They released MCC for a reason, if you really want to play the old halos, then you're free to play the old halos in HD on your XB1. What would be the point of halo 5 if it was exactly the same??

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mhunterjr1394d ago (Edited 1394d ago )

BS. It feels like Halo without a doubt.

In fact, Halo2 made more drastic changes to the halo formula than Halo 5 has.
Remember Halo1 had ladders, health packs, and fall damage. Halo2 replaced that with jump jets, full regen, and a chief that could survive 7 story drops. The outcome: more fluid movement, new combat options, and verticality. Still, the Core battle philosophies remained.

Halo5 feels like a natural progression of the fluidity brought on by halo2. Yet
the battles are just as 'Halo' as they've ever been. Again, there are new movement and combat options, but it still boils down to that perfect balance between footwork, guns, grenades, and melee.

ChronoJoe1394d ago

Halo 2 is widely regarded as the worst of the main 3, so what's your point? All that evidences is that change is bad, Halo 2's campaign was awful.

mhunterjr1394d ago (Edited 1394d ago )

Well, this is a discussion of the MP component, not the campaign (no one has played h5s campaign silly) and Halo2 MP ushered in the rapid growth in halo's MP popularity, and the mechanics introduced in halo2 are the ones purists are clinging on to (you don't see anyone whining about the lack of ladders, health packs, or fall damage from CE, or the lack of deployable equipment from H3) so...
By me saying Halo5 MP felt the best since halo2, I'm also suggesting I think it feels better than Halo3, reach and 4... You know the games that are most readily comparable.

spicelicka1394d ago

Are you crazy?? Halo 2 is widely regarded as the best halo for many many people, for multiplayer. If the campaign was awful (which it was not) it had nothing to do with the controls and features. So what's your point?

GearSkiN1394d ago (Edited 1394d ago )

Is everybody that gave comments here played the beta already, do you guys even know what's the purpose of the beta, feedback.
The game is amazing had a lot of fun.
And I'm a huge halo fan, I'm sure I know what halo is like.