Nintendo needs to do something about Amiibo feeding frenzy frustration

Technology Tell writes, "My first issue with this rare Amiibo lunacy is one we’ve seen before with Nintendo. I’m not ignorant. As much as I’d love to believe this was a surprise, they knew what they were doing with the artificial scarcity they created. It’s worked time and time again for their hardware. Do you remember people standing in lines overnight for just a chance to buy a Nintendo Wii when they launched? That scarcity lasted well over a year. The rumors were leaking shortly after the release of the first wave of Amiibo that certain figures would not be restocked (Marth, Villager and Wii Fit Trainer). That’s all it took to get the snowball rolling downhill."

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N4g_null2024d ago

Here is a tip stop falling for the bull. If they are sold out then wait. I'm sure certain ones will be reissued once certain games come out. AAlso no one is making you buy this stuff lol. If you want them that bad then pre-order them if you can. It's really not smart to over produce these things. Not all of them will be popular.

jaymacx2024d ago

yeah they managed to get people wanting the characters they didn't even want at first. People buy up Villagers and Wii Fit Trainers just because they are rare.

Its a smart tactic (creating Demand) and it looks like its working.LOL when I first saw the wii fit trainer I said " Who would buy that?" after she became rare and sold out everywhere I know now.

Benjaminkno2023d ago (Edited 2023d ago )

Really though, if you don't want to pay the extra money, just wait around and you'll get the ones you want.

If Nintendo wanted to create such a frenzy of rare figures, they would've limited supply on their more popular characters, not Villager and Fit trainer.

Those are rare only because there's little demand for them. Now they're hot because Nintendo is adjusting to demand. Nintendo just needs to find a way to cater to those who can't find them in the store and leaving them to the vultures.

I think I might be buying more of these than I intended to...