New Suikoden, Final Fantasy XII and Xenosaga HD, New PlayStation Exclusives & More Teased by Insider

Fans have been wondering about the possibility of a new Suikoden game, HD remasters of Final Fantasy XII and Xenogsaga (especially since Katsuhiro Harada mentioned it) for a while now, and industry insider Verendus, who is well known on NeoGAF for knowing what he talks about, dropped quite a few interesting pieces of information on the forums today, in a thread about the possible exclusivity of the new Silent Hills.

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littlezizu3350d ago

make it happen square, then you will be surely forgiven for ffxiii.

breakpad3350d ago

i hope not a MGS 4 for the PC ..i dont know why but Solid Snake must stay PS exclusive..(i know for the MGS PC port but the his real legacy is on PS consoles with the most completed versions of games)

alstruck3350d ago

If they release FFXII HD, I'd rather forgive them for holding FFvsXIII for a decade.

bouzebbal3350d ago

I have been hoping for this since PS3 came out.
This is a massive bunch of good news.

I still believe! PS4 is the hope of jrpg revival. In the meantime everyone, please go support Suikoden ll when it comes out. We need to prove that jrpg fanbase is still alive

jaymacx3349d ago

@breakpad why keep it an exclusive? I would think you would want more people to have a chance to play it if they skipped ps3 last gen or whatever. Konami has to make money besides the fact mgs5 is coming to pc and ppl want the full story ... So mgs4 and mgs hd collection makes sense. And metal gear has Nintendo roots as well but Nintendo fans have given up hope on it returning to them.

Ratty3349d ago (Edited 3349d ago )


Solid Snake was featured in Metal Gear, Metal Gear 2 : Solid Snake, Metal Gear Solid 1 and Metal Gear Solid 2. All of which are not Playstation exclusive. Metal Gear Solid 4 is the only exception.

Actually, Big Boss just as much a Playstation exclusive character since they never ported Portable Ops (pun not intend I swear) to another console.

But then I'm not sure what would be the point of making characters exclusive to platforms.

Edit: I suppose you could add Metal Gear Ac!d which feature "Solid Snake" but they were ported to cell phones at one point.

Bansai3349d ago

Yeeee, and PS4 will cure cancer - also confirmed by an insider

user55757083349d ago

hmm i hope its FFXII international zodiac job system

most likely dragon quest VIII on ps2

Reibooi3349d ago

I would LOVE to see FFXII HD. It's my personal fav game in the series despite the fact that so many people seem to hate it. I would love to see them put in equal effort and have something that is similar to or surpasses what they did with X HD.

Also the Xenosaga thing is mighty exciting if it happens although I have to wonder what exactly they would do with it. I kinda expect them to just up res it and toss it out the door if it happens. It would be a dream if they could rebuild 1 and 2 to look like 3 did and that was it would have a consistent look across all the games but that is a damn pipe dream really.

Still I hope most of this stuff is true. Would be a shame to get excited about things that may never happen.

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DarkAstronaut3350d ago

It's true. Verendus works for Sony. There are a bunch of 3rd party PS4 exclusives. Street Fighter 5 was just the beginning.

SoapShoes3350d ago

PS2 era all over again! 3rd party exclusives up the wazoo this gen!

DarkAstronaut3350d ago

Final Fantasy VII-2 is a PS4 exclusive aswell, again said by Verendus. It's not a remake, it's a sequel or based in the same world as FFVII. 2016, after FFXV.

AirJohnston3350d ago

Do you have a link to the FF VII-2 rumor?

TheOneWhoIsTornApart3350d ago

When did Verendus say that a Final Fantasy VII sequel was in developement?. All I heard him say was that FFVII was being remade.

DarkAstronaut3350d ago

Regarding FF7-2, he said he saw it with his own eyes early in development. If I can find the comments in the Gaf thread I'll post or PM them.

DarkAstronaut3350d ago (Edited 3350d ago )

Found them.



I can't find the one where he said he saw it though.

This part could be a hint at multiple titles and/or Crisis Core as well.

"The core of it will end up being a proper home console game and that's going to be the main thing, but it's basically a visit back to the FF7 world again, and there'll likely be a few things surrounding that. A large part of their discussion is likely surrounding this point."

He's like that.

I've also heard (not sure if true) it has to do with Sony selling the shares back to Square and letting FFXV go multiplatform is how the PS4 exclusively (for multiple titles?) took place.

Makes sense and the FFVII HD (as akward as it was) could be the precursor to this plan, which also makes sense.

-Foxtrot3350d ago (Edited 3350d ago )

I hope they do the Final Fantasy HD remake first though and not a sequel...the game has had it's fair share of extra content for that world it's time to give other FF games a shot

I hope they remake FF7 and then they get started straight away on FF8 and then FF9

Imagine the Garden Battle in HD <drools>

torchic3349d ago


pretty sure Square said there would be FFXV sequels before anything else

DonFreezer3349d ago (Edited 3349d ago )

It must be really funny to see people telling us about a bunch of 3rd party exclusives for the ps4 with pride and joy when they screamed about Tomb Raider going to the Xbox.The hypocrisy on this site amazes me. Someone above cries after 6-7 years about losing Metal Gear 4 to the PC telling us that Snake's legacy is on PS. Someone below talks about the ps2 era where Sony bought pretty much every third party game their dirty hands could get.Just read about Resident Evil and their dirty tactics. If it weren't for Nintendo's own faults you would never see Resident Evil 4 on the ps2. Hit me with disagrees as you always do to anyone with commonsense on this site. Also there is not way in this world Final Fantasy VII in any form would release exclusive to one platform.

freshslicepizza3349d ago

its quite obvious the ps4 will take the bulk of japanese content since the wii u and xbox one dont do well in japan, especially the xbox one. i think this is why the pc is gaining attention because the wii u cant really do the games justice, only the pc and xbox one can.

im still not seeing much happening outside of japanese studios as far as exclusives are concerned and the ps4 for aaa games no matter how much sony fans want to discredit the xbox one. its the wii u missing out, not the xbox one.

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TheLyonKing3350d ago

I am not the biggest fan of 12, I didn't like the single player mmorpg game style and was not emotionally attached the to character but and HD remake I will sure try and complete it this time.

The controls were tight and the story was good, who knows maybe I will like it this time.

Wintersun6163350d ago

I hated it the first time I played it. I wasn't expecting what I got at all, and didn't understand much of the deeper mechanics in the game. A year or two later I gave it another chance and it became my most favourite FF game. I've completed it at least 5 times already, and I'm still waiting for this HD remaster like a kid waits for christmas.

Muigi3350d ago

I really liked the environment of 12. It also pushed the ps2 to the max graphically so a ps4 version should look amazing!

bangoskank3350d ago

FFXII is one of the best FF games. The gameplay is a lot more fun and challenging than the original turn-based mechanics IMO. The music is some of the best in the series, the characters are multilayered(even Van grew on me after a while) and it's got a great story that exceeds the typical "save the wotld plot". It would be awesome if Square remastered it in Matsuno's vision. I would become their fanboy again for the first time since in almost ten years.

Inception3350d ago

For me it's better than XIII. But the story got a bit messed up in the middle to end. Maybe it's because Matsuno not finished wrote it when he got hospitalized. Even Sakaguchi refused to play it and just watch the opening CG.

RedDevils3349d ago

@Inception even it story messed up, it still had a better story than 13 which I found very boring

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3-4-53350d ago

Information Overload!...can't compute!

Tons of potentially great info, hopefully we get some of this revealed at E3 2015.

* I missed out on most of Sony's good games, especially the RPG's, as I've never owned a Sony Console.

I would LOVE to play FF12, a new Suikoden, Dragon Quest 8, ect.....

All mentioned in the article sounds awesome, and if I have to buy a PS4 to play them, then that is what I will be doing eventually.

3-4-53350d ago

Also a Suikoden 3,4,tactics,5 HD remake collection would be nice as well.

Would re-introduce the series to gamers along with S1&2 on Vita.

Muzikguy3350d ago

I've been hoping that with the PS4 there's a resurgence of JRPGs. By this I'm hoping new games too, not just remakes or remasters of older games. I won't complain though if they're done right!

Tapewurm3349d ago (Edited 3349d ago )

The Sega announcements have my interest.... would love to see either Panzer Dragoon Saga 2 or even a Panzer Dragoon HD Trilogy.... throw in Burning Rangers 2 and a new Shining game too .... All very wishful thinking, but would love to see it. (All on PS4 and Vita too) Would also love to see footage of or even hear some news on The Last Guardian.