The Big List of Discounted Crowdfunded Games in the 2014 Steam Holiday Sale

Marcus Estrada writes: "The annual Steam Holiday Sale is now upon us! No matter what you may or may not celebrate personally, it’s incredibly hard for PC gamers to ignore this event. Every year it seems they offer the most outrageous deals possible on games both new and old! This year there are over 6,000 titles on sale. Yeah, that’s far more than any one person can sift through. Are you stumped for what to buy? If you’re on Cliqist then chances are you love crowdfunded games so we’re providing a guide of almost every crowdfunded game currently on sale! Some of the sales are certainly better than others, which is why we’ve placed games in alphabetical order within different price tiers. When you’re done reading, be sure to follow the Cliqist Steam Curation Page for more great crowdfunded games!"

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