Fluster Cluck Review: Worst PS4 Game of 2014 | Technology Tell

Technology Tell writes, "Imagine a nightmarish game of Mario Party where every turn, for 20 turns, the game forces the same banal mini-game upon you. Now, imagine that game thematically revolves around chickens and you have to play it alone because, no matter how hard you try, you can’t get anybody to play it with you. At this point, wherein you are undoubtedly wondering how you could be so unlucky, a striking revelation occurs to you; you aren’t playing Mario Party at all. You are playing Fluster Cluck, and it is your job so you can’t just stop. And no matter how good life has been up until this moment, this experience with Fluster Cluck has been so traumatic that when you figure every single life event into some kind of “quality of life” formula, you can now say, beyond the shadow of a doubt, that playing Fluster Cluck has resulted in a netloss in total happiness. How’s that for a pull quote?"

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