Guilty Gear Xrd SIGN Review: Hellaciously Good | Technology Tell

Technology Tell writes, "Guilty Gear Xrd Sign just might be one of the hardest reviews I’ve ever done. As a fighting game fan, I love that this game exists. It is the first original fighting game on PS4. It looks drop dead gorgeous in full high-definition. The game’s mechanics aren’t overbearing and I can definitely see the foundation for advanced play should one want to invest the time. That’s where I feel conflicted. I really want to write a glowing review espousing how utterly superb of a fighting game Guilty Gear Xrd Sign is. It isn’t quite what I hoped, but I can say that as I kept going back and thinking about this review, the game grew on me more and more. It is a solid fighting game, filling a void for the genre on the PS4."

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