Microsoft Needs to Take D4 More Seriously

Thanks to constant mistreatment from Microsoft, it seems that D4 may suffer a similar fate as Shenmue.

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ValKilmer2021d ago

I feel like Microsoft is treating this game like their ginger stepchild.

Bansai2021d ago

Finished it recently, great game, shame we'll have to wait god knows how long for next episode.

I also agree with the title 100% - game didn't really got the media coverage and marketing it deserved

nicksetzer12021d ago

No question, this game deserved much better marketing. It was absolutely phenomenal IMO. Hopefully "ori" and "inside" get a bit more hype from MS.

DarkAstronaut2021d ago (Edited 2021d ago )

The opinion pieces this site writes are terrible. Microsoft is giving D4 away for free with GWG.

5 seconds of research wouldn't hurt, if people are going to play journalist.

ValKilmer2021d ago

Taking time to actually read the articles you deem "terrible" would also help, considering the game given away for free is the central focus of the article.

2021d ago
FanboyKilla2021d ago

after the announcement of d4 games with gold, comes this. coincidence? lol i think not.

Stiffler2021d ago

You can just see the fanboys pounding their war drums and loading up the anti-MS ammo

fermcr2020d ago (Edited 2020d ago )

Maybe the author of this article expected Microsoft to do for D4 the same marketing campaign Activision does for Call of Duty... millions and millions of dollars in adds.

D4 is a niche downloadable title... this phrase resumes it all.

Microsoft is "offering" the game with Gold to see if gamers like the game, and then maybe develop the next episode if they find it justifiable ($$$).

Delsin_Rowe2020d ago

Oh well is time for D4 to change ships, PlayStation are waiting for them with a hot coco and more money their pocket meaning not their own money but sell way more on PlayStation.

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gangsta_red2021d ago (Edited 2021d ago )

What more can MS do for a digital title? They had on their start up screen for the longest. It was featured in the Games category.

Do you really want MS to throw a million dollar ad campaign to a niche title such as this? What other niche title has received a huge marketing blitz?

D4 is a fantastic game but it is what it is, a hidden gem. Maybe with MS offering this for free more people will realize this and maybe actually purchase the second episode.

Gamer7772021d ago

The game wasn't big budget and wasn't expected to sell a lot which is why it is digital only. The author of the article doesn't seem to understand this.

Lawboy22021d ago

Giving the gme way for free will get the game in more gamers hands...and being at hats it's a episodic title it will pull more ppl towards the next tile

For those who don't sell drugs...drug saling 101 get the product into Ppls give the first sample for free then there hooked

Sharky2312021d ago

I don't understand the article. Ps plus does the same thing with great games. They offer them for free if the sales weren't great. This usually jumpstarts interest in Dlc or in this case future episodes. It really helps these indie games and studios stay afloat.

Stiffler2021d ago

Well said red, I really agree with that final part. Offering D4 in GwG will definitely give the next episode a sales boost for sure.

More people need to try D4 out it's fantastic. I have zero regrets buying it one month ago even though it'll be a GwG come January.

Happy gaming and Merry Christmas :)

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annoyedgamer2021d ago

They could offer it for free...hint hint

no_more_heroes2021d ago

They're doing exactly that in January.

Stiffler2021d ago

Hint hint...That's what he implied ^_^

SaveFerris2021d ago

Perhaps the game was just not the right fit for the console?

WeAreLegion2021d ago

They're giving it away to every Gold subscriber. What more do you want?

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