Counterpoint: Nintendo is continuing on a downhill spiral

Despite innovations and a massive library of games, Nintendo seems to be going in a downhill direction.

For years, Nintendo has seen declining sales and less overall games than other competitors. In a market where it once held the “family” demographic, Microsoft, Sony and Steam have taken over little by little. And it's clear: Nintendo is not going through a revival, but following Atari and Sega's path on the way to disintegrating out of the console market. But why?

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theizzzeee2030d ago

It's funny anytime Nintendo is doing any better someone tries to bring them down lol.

WeAreLegion2029d ago

Someone tries to bring everyone and everything down.

3-4-52029d ago

Nintendo just released a ton of high quality games in 2014.

Articles like this are exactly why people don't trust the media.

They are painting THEIR story, instead of reporting facts and telling the truth.

Loadedklip2029d ago

Impossible for one publisher to release a "TON" of games.

The quality of Nintendo's games should never be in question. Nintendo's 1st/2nd party games are still amazing.

The issue is they lack the third party support that the others get. And when you look at the sales charts for XB1 and PS4 game sales .. third parties dominate the sales charts for them because their combined output is always going to be greater than the one 1st party publisher can do on its own which is what Nintendo consoles are on ... they are alone yet again.

DarkZane2029d ago

They did release a ton of exclusive games in 2014, however people still aren't buying the console.

Nintendo needs to go back to a classic controller. If it wasn't for the fact that 99% of the games can be played with a pro controller, this console would have been a no buy for me.

saposaposapo2029d ago

Are they really getting better in the first place?

gerbwmu2030d ago

I'm not even sure what to think of this article.........

Nintendo milks their franchises too much but look how great COD is?

Wii would take ports of any game but why won't Nintendo put their games on other systems?

Nintendo shouldn't be family friendly because trying to change their image is what hurt Vegas.......

A) Nintendo isn't going anywhere because even as bad as Wii U and 3DS are selling compared to other consoles in their past they still make profit and limit losses.
B) Nintendo games will not be 3rd party anytime soon because that is how they sell their hardware and make money. Their software sales will not sky rocket by going 3rd party and they will be paying someone a percentage of the software sales. As stated many times on threads....Nintendo fans buy Nintendo games.....and they already own a Wii U/3DS or will get one when their game comes out. Seriously how has 3rd party worked for the mighty Sega?

Clearly Sony is the face of home console gaming and has been for a while. The Play Station brand has a remarkable history. Microsoft has done pretty well for themselves as well and XBox seems entrenched into the console market for as long as Microsoft wants to stay but Nintendo as a company is healthy, their quality is remarkable both for software and hardware durability and they continue to provide experiences that are seen as classics and must haves for anyone serious about gaming.

Nintendo may not be for everyone......but they are still a great company and so far from demise that the foolishness of this article is laughable.

gangsta_red2029d ago

"Seriously how has 3rd party worked for the mighty Sega?"

This statement pretty much shuts down any argument about Nintendo going 3rd party.

wonderfulmonkeyman2029d ago (Edited 2029d ago )

I'm surprised this article didn't come out sooner, in the face of so much positive press on the site lately.

It's not a welcome article, in any case, because it's just chock full of salt.

#1 Overdependence on their franchises?
Go talk to EA and Ubisoft about that before trying to stick it onto Nintendo as a sin, alongside every other third party that has taken it upon themselves to copy many if not most elements from games like Assassin's Creed and Call of Duty.

#2 "those makers know to keep up franchises and keep adding new things and challenges to keep it fresh."
If you're going to try to say Nintendo doesn't do the same based off the fact that many of their franchises take longer to get new entries, then you've got one hell of a rotten double standard going there.

#3 No.
It is idiotic to assume that Nintendo would make any sort of profit off of Sony and Microsoft consoles compared to their own, with all those other third parties taking up the priorities of their gamers, when so many of those gamers, in fact, spend more time looking down on Nintendo's franchises than actually giving them a chance.
A fact that you, yourself, are guilty of in the past two points alone! [again, drop your fucking double standards!]
You'd never purchase a Mario game over the next realistic shooter, and even if you would, 99% of the gamers on the other systems would not.
Nintendo has no future with other systems.

But since that's not something you can come to terms with, here's a simpler answer; the reason you'll never see Mario on Sony or Microsoft is the same reason you'll never see Halo or Infamous on Nintendo; it doesn't make business sense.
Before you go trying to convince Nintendo that it's a good idea, how about you go ask the other two to do so instead? Because compared to Nintendo, the both of them have reported FAR MORE MASSIVE PROFIT LOSSES in the past two years, whereas Nintendo is making a profit off of both their systems AND their games.

And finally, #4:
If you're worried about Nintendo's family-friendly focus, then you should be even more worried about Sony, as there was recently an article claiming that they want to create games that will attract the same casuals that formed a large part of the Wii's userbase.
I wouldn't be surprised if Microsoft also wants a piece of casual pie at this point.

thelwebb1002029d ago

I think people are wrong when they say Nintendo franchises wouldn't sell on Playstation or Xbox. Most of us grew up with Mario, Zelda, Donkey Kong, Star Fox etc. Sega doesn't have as many iconic series as Nintendo so their games aren't as familiar and relevant with gamers. Nintendo franchises on Playstation and Xbox would sell like Britney Spears in her prime lol!

wonderfulmonkeyman2029d ago (Edited 2029d ago )

They're not buying a Wii U for them despite how inexpensive the console is, and most of them are spending more time online bashing the games and wishing death on Nintendo's systems, than actually saving up to support them on the system they're meant to be on.

That on its own is more than enough proof that the people who would give Nintendo a chance on other systems, let alone prioritize them over games like Uncharted, Call of Duty, Madden, etc etc etc, are a minority so small that they are literally inconsequential.

The writing has been on the wall ever since the Gamecube; Sony and Micro gamers don't give enough of a shit about Nintendo's franchises to show support for them. If they did, then saving up to get a new system as cheap as the Wii U is wouldn't pose an issue for them.

Heck, take a look around N4G itself and you'll find more than a few articles where positive comments towards the Wii U receive downvotes galore, or are otherwise outweighed by negative comments from people who cry for Nintendo to go third party at the same time that they hypocritically bash Nintendo for being 'too kiddy for them', amongst other such drivel.

Point blank; anyone who actually cares about Nintendo's home console games, WILL get a Wii U for them eventually.
If they don't want a Wii U for them, then they don't care about the games enough to factor in, because supporting the console is the same as helping to support the people that allow these series to continue existing in the first place.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory2029d ago

no yall grew up playing third party games

Dudebro902029d ago (Edited 2029d ago )

Cept...they aren't.

Why do people who doesn't understand business try to comment on companies business?

Go to school people.

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