15 Most Memorable First Boss Encounters In Gaming History

Every entry on this list is the first boss fought within their respective games and for whatever reason, they left their mark and made sure they wouldn’t be forgotten easily.

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Rimgal1395d ago (Edited 1395d ago )

No Hydra from God of War? pfft

BiggerBoss1395d ago

Both the Hydra in 1 and Poseidon in 3 were incredible first boss fights

NiteX1395d ago

First boss I thought about when I saw that title.

Agent_00_Revan1395d ago

Same!! Can't believe it wasn't on this list. I remember that fight being Amazing the first time I played it. It was so big I remember thinking 'This is only the first boss!?!'

It really set the pace for the beginning of the series.

scark921395d ago

My initial thought! Was unique to see at the time, mind blowing!

hulk_bash19871395d ago (Edited 1395d ago )

The Hydra GOW, The Colossus of Rhodes GOW II, Posiden GOW III and even The Hecatonchires in GOW Ascension are all memorable and epic 1st boss encounters. God of War is such a great series.

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ShugaCane1395d ago

Is there any other thing on the site than 15-pages lists ?

WeAreLegion1395d ago

Nope. This is their thing, as awful as it is.

Relientk771395d ago

Brock from Pokemon is a good one, mostly if you had Pokemon Yellow and Pikachu. Made Brock harder to beat.

Relientk771395d ago

Thundershock didn't do crap, but 25 of Pikachu's Quick Attacks took Onix down, I've done it before lol

Rimeskeem1395d ago

i remember the first boss fight in shadow of the collusus. I just remember looking at it and thinking "they want to kill that thing? How in the hell....?"

WeAreLegion1395d ago

Every battle in that game is daunting. I freaking love it.

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The story is too old to be commented.