Mortal Kombat X: 11 Rumoured Guest Fighters That Could Be Included

This reboot of Mortal Kombat introduced playable versions of Kratos from God of War (as a Playstation exclusive) and Freddy Krueger; and with Ed Boon himself tweeting out a picture of Scorpion facing off against The Predator it has lead to much speculation as to who else might be in line for a guest spot. More importantly to MK purists though, it’s fun to guess at what their special moves and fatalities could be too.

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TheOnlyMastrx1398d ago

They should throw in some new guest fighters, but also bring back all the old guest fighters from previous games, this is Mortal Kombat X after all, it should be loaded with additional characters, some specific to Xbox, and some to Playstation, as well as some across all consoles.

GokuSolosAll1398d ago

Out of all of the listed characters only Predator is interesting.

I'd like to see something random:

Vamp from MGS (fits really well)
Ganondorf from Zelda (kinda like Link from SC2)
Kira from Death Note (Interesting, unique combat)

NiteX1398d ago

Spawn would be cool. Would love a good Spawn game to.

NukaCola1398d ago

Spawn is such an awesome character. I don't know why he can't get a good video game. I would love to see Rocksteady take on this story. That would be an incredible game.

johny51398d ago

I wouldn't mind Kratos again. hopefully they fit him in as DLC.

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