10 Games That Will Win Major Awards In 2015

It might seem a bit premature to hand out awards for 2015 games at this stage (after all, a year is a long time) but barring any major upsets, it’s quite easy to predict how certain games will perform, especially when the reputation and skill of the developers is considered.

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Relientk771398d ago

Uncharted 4, Witcher 3, and Legend of Zelda Wii U are gonna be awesome

Lord_Sloth1398d ago

Why didn't you mention MGSV?

Also, can we start downvoting any site that splits it's article across more than 3 pages?

miyamoto1398d ago

Uncharted 4, Bloodborne, The Order 1886, MGSV

BiggerBoss1398d ago

Uncharted will definitely be a favorite for GOTY, just given the franchises history. Witcher 3, Zelda, Bloodborne, and many others will be big competition though. Halo 5 will likely win best multiplayer or best fps.

Sadly, Metal Gear games never win tons of awards, but Phantom Pain is by far my most anticipated, only followed by UC4.

2015 may just be the YOTG (year of the generation), so many incredible games in the pipeline.

jb2271398d ago

Yup, I agree w/ all of that. It could easily be the YOTG based solely upon what we know right now. I've had a theory that really hasn't proven wrong yet, wherein the best years for all media across the board, be it games, movies, music, or tv, the odd years are always the best. Not sure why this is, but if you look back on what were considered the best years for gaming out of the past decade or so, the odds always have it. The even years tend to have a lot of projects w/ massive hype, but they typically seem to underwhelm…there are always a few stray great projects that drop, but nowhere near the frequency of quality that the odd years bring. Has anyone else noticed this or am I just crazy? Just going off of recent memory, 2011 brought Arkham City & UC3 which were my favorites, along w. a lot of other huge games, 2012 was decent but 2013 was crazy, TLOU, Bioshock, GTA V, etc. Assuming these big 2015 titles aren't delayed it seems like that theory will stand.

N4g_null1398d ago

It's going to be a good to have any of the newer systems it would seem. I really like that new final fantasy trailer. I'll give visual props to uncharted yet the game play in those two might be shaky. Slaptoon, zelda and xenoblade are going to truly rock though. We haven't even seen starfox though yet i don't expect alot visually yet. There are a ton of games that have to meet their potential. It maybe too soon to talk about this though after the recent rash of hyped games not delivering.

Big_Game_Hunters1398d ago

Xenoblade Chronicles X or MGSV will win the deepest story award.

DanzoSAMA1398d ago

Rise of the Tomb Raider, HALO 5, Bloodborne

ThePhoeniixRisess1398d ago

sry buddy but uncharted is here

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The story is too old to be commented.