New PS4 Trailer Wants You to “See the Future of Play” on the “World’s Most Powerful Console”

The days just before Christmas are the biggest spending period of the year in many European countries, when people rush to buy last minute gifts for their loved ones. It’s not so surprising that Sony Computer Entertainment released a brand new trailer for the PS4, bringing the fighting words to bear.

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Cindy-rella1393d ago

The best console for core gamers and it is the most powerful console on earth

Onehandband1t1393d ago

Alienware Alpha is being sold as a console and btw, consoles are closer to Alienware than they are the old gen systems so you could say that it is a console

PlayableGamez1393d ago

@OculusRift it's a console.

I_am_Batman1393d ago

You could say it's a console without the benefits of a console mainly being first party games and optimisation for specific hardware.

LonDonE1393d ago

Alien ware alpha is not a closed system environment like traditional consoles so no matter how much it tries to be a console, it simply is not!!!

I love how so many haters get so salty whenever any one mentions the FACT that PS4 IS THE MOST POWERFUL GAMES CONSOLE ON EARTH!! they start mentioning the steam box, or the alien ware, or whatever else, like pc which is just STUPID!

IT IS A FACT, so people need to learn to deal with it!

Rimeskeem1393d ago

It both a PC and a Console.

ShinMaster1393d ago

It plays PC games. It runs on Windows 8.1 and uses Steam Big Picture.

It's not a console.

Eonjay1392d ago

If I were you, I would be apprehensive about the Alienware Alpha. You can get much more bang for your buck. You can build a better micro gaming PC for cheaper or at some of the higher prices, you can build a much more powerful rig.

SteamPowered1392d ago

Dont waste your bubbles Yarbie. N4G is all about the consoles. If you want an intelligent Pc forum, I recommend Tom's hardware or Pcgamer. Twitter is also a great resource for Pc related news.

callahan091392d ago

Yeah, that's a PC with a controller-friendly user interface, that's meant to look good under your television. Other than that, it isn't a console. It's not a closed environment, it doesn't have optimized software being developed for it, and it isn't even a uniform hardware platform, it comes in different variations of power with different components under the hood, exactly like a PC. It's a PC, just one that's meant to act a little bit more like a console, but it's not what a console is.

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TheRedButterfly1393d ago

"The best console for core gamers"... Oddly self-serving, don'tcha think?

ThePhoeniixRisess1393d ago

most powerful console
thats right baby
haters gonna hate

pyroxxx1393d ago (Edited 1393d ago )

It is a shitty ass pc,.. Really wonder how it runs new games maxed out at 1080p,... Playing Skyrim maxed out at 1080p is nothing to brag about,.. Would really like to see some benchmarks of new releases and how it handles this gen's games,..

boing11392d ago

You can buy it in different hardware configurations so no, it's not a console. It's a wannabe small PC.

Gaming247allday1393d ago

Marginally more powerful it should say lol, great marketing Sony! your really sucking in these saps

DarkAstronaut1393d ago (Edited 1393d ago )


What ever helps you sleep at night.

80% of current gen games this early running at 40% higher resolution with extra effects on PS4 is not marginal. Just like sales aren't marginal, just like the amount of games isn't marginal. What is marginal is the average rating of PS4 and Xbox One games in 2014. 0.4 is marginal.

That's marginal and subjective.

GameDev11393d ago

Am sorry its either powerful than other consoles or not powerful as others, there is no marginally powerful

And you would be a total dunce to market your console as marginally powerful

It has shown to play multiplats better and exclusives with even better graphics and that is what you would market it as

iiorestesii1393d ago

I love how X1 early adopters is a thing(gimmick) to reconcile the fact that X1 has seen a $200+ price flop in the last year.

rainslacker1393d ago

Marginal or not, it's still the most powerful console, so what's you're point?

1392d ago
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DarkAstronaut1393d ago

- The Best Hardware
- The Most Games
- The Best Selling Hardware
- The Best Selling Software

The PS4 is sitting in a nice position, that's undeniable.

Sayburr1393d ago

Yep, I have to admit... they have a great marketing department and they are in a very nice position for the console market.

pyramidshead1393d ago

I think this is the first time the most powerful console has been market leader too.

First time for everything but if you think about it Sony's message with its marketing have been laser focused and it's paid back in spades.

Nightcyberspud1393d ago

I have both but play more on the XB-1. Yes I agree Playstation has better hardware but the multiplayer is light years ahead of Sony on Xbox live. Particularly in the voice chat audio quality. On PSN everything sounds muffled compared to on XBL.

WeAreLegion1393d ago

You might have something set up incorrectly. Voice chat on both consoles is top-notch.

Genuine-User1393d ago

Hyperbole detected.
What you're stating is factually incorrect.

kenmid1393d ago

Yes- The most games

No- The best games

Applejack1393d ago

Of course the best games would be a no, it's totally subjective to the gamer.

medman1393d ago (Edited 1393d ago )

I've always owned multiple consoles every generation, and it strikes me in playing with gamers across many platforms that the only people who think xbox has the better exclusives are the poor unfortunates who have never played Sony or Nintendo exclusives, and really have no clue what they're missing out on. Microsoft is a distant third in that battle, and that's coming from someone who bought his 360 long before he bought his ps3 or wii last gen, primarily because Mass Effect and Gears of War were must plays for me. This gen, based largely on ps3 exclusives, my ps4 came first, with a wii u to follow in 2015 and the xbone whenever it gets the slim redesign. So no bias, just straight facts son.

jrshankill1392d ago (Edited 1392d ago )

O Rly? Wish they would fix Little Big Planet 3. It's a broken mess. Still no online play. Sounds like Halo to me.

That's undeniable.

BTW It is not the most powerful console on the market, Alienware Alpha is. Before you moan that it isn't a console.. we can also remove components from a PS4 and call it something else.

"The Alienware Alpha combines the freedom of PC gaming with the ease of a console."

There you go.

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Cra2yey31393d ago

Their marketing on ps3 was abysmal tho

Inception1393d ago

Kevin Butler ads for PS3 are awesome

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