10 Tired Video Game Plots Everyone Is Sick Of Seeing

Everyone loves a good story, but it’s hard to play through a game and not feel that what you’re hearing is a little… familiar – or cliché-riddled derivative fluff, depending on how harsh you’re feeling.

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SaveFerris2018d ago

Not really much different from a lot of movies either.

Relientk772018d ago


stop with the zombies already

Lord_Sloth2018d ago

I'd rather they stop with the 5-10 page articles...

Seriously though, Zombies themselves are cool. No need to stop, just ease off the Braintrain a bit.

Rebel_Scum2018d ago

Agreed. After RDR Undead Nightmare I was ready to put zombies in games to bed. They've lost their impact.

Not really a plot point, but more a trope is how you have to restore power, usually so you can use a lift. How often is it in real life you have to do that? Hardly ever right?

Lord_Sloth2018d ago

How often do you have to do anything found in games in real life? Unless you play the Sims the answer is pretty much never.

Rebel_Scum2017d ago

More than you would think. You have the choice whether to jump or move left, right or straight in real life.

However my point is solely related to finding a way to re-connect some power for a given situation in a game. Power is usually something that's constant. The fact it goes down in so many games and you have to bring it back up has become some a bland excuse for padding out the story.

goldwyncq2018d ago

Zombie games could be remarkably great when done right. Just look at TWD game and TLOU.

GokuSolosAll2018d ago

More zombie games, but less low quality cash grabs. I am always down for a good zombie game, same for film.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen2018d ago

pick a gun and shoot somebody in multiplayer.

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