Driveclub Developer Thanks Fans for "Overwhelming" Support, Releases Trailer Showing Free Updates

Driveclub’s developer Evolution Studios relayed a message today to thank its fans for the “truly overwhelming” support shown during the game’s initial launch and the following month, promising news on further updates in the new year, and also posted a brand new trailer.

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fudgenasty212022d ago

its a good game but I'm still mad

DoomeDx2022d ago

Really? They give you a ton of free stuff to make up for the crappy launch and you are still mad?

Or is it because of the free PS+ Edition still not being available? You cant complain about something being free and not being available for you.. Seriously

nX2022d ago

I wasn't even mad from the start, it was just annoying for a few weeks. Now it's all good and I've got my favourite racing game since Gran Turismo 4.

Grap2022d ago

I am mad At false advertising, i don't care about the game being broke for 2 months.

Cream2022d ago

Why would anyone support something that doesn't work?

LamerTamer2022d ago (Edited 2022d ago )

If you buy physical you still have a broken and incomplete game on the disc. Anyone without internet has a piece of garbage, and when the patches are eventually taken down so will everyone. They should have waited and released a finished and complete game.

jebabcock2022d ago


You do realize that Driveclub is a network based game right? Your comment really takes the cake for lack of sense...

LamerTamer2022d ago (Edited 2022d ago )


And you realize that this game also has a single player mode too right? It isn't Destiny or Titanfall that requires online to run. Yes it has a big focus on online but if and when the servers are no longer supporting online for this you can still have a decent offline arcade racer, if it weren't for the fact that all kinds of stuff like tracks and weather are missing.

Some people in general aren't into online MP either, don't even subscribe to PSN+, and could still end up buying this.

Having an online mode doesn't excuse the game being released in such an incomplete state. Talk about "lack of sense".

zero_gamer2022d ago

"You cant complain about something being free and not being available for you.. Seriously"

Well said, indeed. We paid for PSN+, they promised us a game, we have all the reasons in the universe to complain if Sony backpedals on the so-called "free" game. BS is BS, at least see something for what it is.

The masses here will probably just click away on the disagree button without replying with anything remotely sensible.

fudgenasty212022d ago (Edited 2022d ago )

all that so called free stuff was already on the disc. not a single byte needed to be downloaded. I'm sorry i don't kiss sony's ass like the rest of the sheeple

G20WLY2021d ago

^Lame, you do realise they still ship newly printed disks, right? They come with the latest patches and content preinstalled.

Say you buy a new PS3 now. It comes with the latest firmware (or close to it), not the original firmware. This is the same principle - new disks ship with weather, photo mode, AI/penalty system enhancements, the works.

Incidentally, it was purely the online features that were broken at launch.

If you wanted to play online, you'd need the internet, in which case you can download the required patch...

Do you see why your point is a non-issue? lmao

CuddlyREDRUM2021d ago

Anyone who pays for the PS Plus Edition does so by way of paying for Playstation Plus subscriptions.

The PS Plus Edition isn't free.

ChronoJoe2021d ago

Lamer your comments make little sense. Weather was never something said to be there on release day, it wasn't falsely advertised, they announced several months before that it was not going to be on the launch day version of the game.

The same goes for the additional tracks, these were never promised, and the game has a very good number of tracks to begin with. It's purely ignorant to see these bonus free tracks as ones which should have been on the disc day one.

If online distribution of patches was taken away, then none of what was broken on the game would even matter as they're all dependent on the online connectivity anyway. The core, singleplayer racing experience is fully functional, and has been since day one. So I'm not sure what your point is here?

It just seems like your trying to pick faults at nothing.

Christopher2021d ago

***Anyone without internet has a piece of garbage***

The only issues it has had were online related. Dynamic weather and new cars/track/etc. are not promised on the package. It's far from a piece of garbage, and it's not broken since you never required online, though you do get a ton more benefit by being online.

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showtimefolks2022d ago

its an amazing game and will be supported well by the developers. Yes its kind of Lame how some developers complete their games Via patches after launch than to complete everything and than launch. But here is the thing: DC wasn't that broken to begin with, i just think it got a lot of bad rep for not having that PSN_Plus edition

did everyone here forget about the biggest disaster known as BattleField 4, i mean BF4 was broken for like 6 plus months. Now there is a case of really unfinished game. I guess EA learned and Hardline was delayed

Even Halo MCC wasn't as bad as people made it out to be, and developers are giving a free update game for all our trouble.

One company which i think we should all take notice of is UBI Soft, well they have been nothing but soft lately(no pun intended lol)

Watch dogs such an over rated game which was down graded and than got huge amount of hype along with big advertisement budget so it sold well. UBI didn't learn their Lesson

AC:unity same thing, over hyped and big advertisement but this time the game was actually just broken and incomplete

Farcry 4 so much for that whole we have built on FC3 and made it better, its almost identical and the story is even weaker than FC3, I mean they had huge success with FC3 than blood dragon, instead of trying to build on that we got more like an expansion pack and they called it FC4. The single Player story is so short for an open world game that UBI should refund our money

The crew: Same as before so much potential, so many broken/empty promises yet the game ended up being average at best


Rainbow six: i hate saying this but i just don't have the confidence in UBI anymore, and same goes for the Division.

It seems like to me UBI are better when its not AAA games.

UBI have become the new EA, don't believe me? just wait a year. They even fired the creator of Price of Persia, than bought his studio from THQ only to fire him again. So they are full of them self

and its all on you guys as gamers, who keep buying their games and their season passes. Even worst UBI fanboys will never admit the company has been going downhill quality wise

ion6662022d ago

The crew ....What can I say .more does'nt mean better. As it eventually gets stale super quick.I agree about the division .My confidence is really with UBISOFT. Since assassin creed. I feel like its gonna be a choppy mess.

jc122022d ago (Edited 2022d ago )

did you just say "DC wasn't that broken to begin with." Sigh, its statements like these that I just don't understand. The game was a MESS at launch, and for a solid month thereafter.

Even today, almost 3 months later, there's still no + version, and I've gotten quite a few blue error screens while playing.

Solid game, don't get me wrong, but there's absolutely no objectivity on this site.

twiggytree122022d ago

@jc12 the game wasn't broken, the servers were. there was a full single player portion that worked flawlessly. (i know its hard to believe but not EVERYONE is about online gaming) Also if you are getting blue error screens then you obviously own the game so why would the ps+ version matter to you?

@showtimefolks even if you didn't intend that pun.. it was hilarious!

jc122021d ago

@Twiggy: Kinda sounds like excuses to me. The game was flat out broken when it launched. Whether the game had buggy code - which it did - or the servers were overloaded - hard to believe - none of the online features worked. I don't necessarily care why or how. All I know is Evo had a year long delay, and upon launch, its online modes were still dead on arrival; not sporadic or "sorta" working, but dead - that's a broken game.

And yes, I do own the game. But do you know why? Its because this thing was hyped to kingdom-ass come, and I couldn't hold out any longer for the PS+ version to drop. Sony effectively backtracked on their promise to offer a free demo, thus forcing me - and I'm sure many others - to bite the bullet and buy it. Do you know how much money this generated for Sony? Money, money, money.

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TitanUp2022d ago

I was a day 1 owner and I never was angry that the online didn't work because the racing is solid and the core gameplay worked.

demonicale2021d ago Show
RIP_Weazel2021d ago

People's money is their own, as is their choice what to do with it. (Much like opinions really). The only stupid people are the sanctimonious twa*s who decide to judge everyone based on their own opinions, and that it's their role to tell everyone else what to think.
OT Driveclub is currently an excellent racer that is getting better and better. I'm sure ps+ edition will be here as soon as evolution are sure that the massive influx of online players won't crash the network/game. Solid decision I guess.

mdfk792021d ago

same, played online literally 3 times, am level 45 from just playing the offline part and doing time trials, also bought the season pass day one also and don't regret it lol

Rimeskeem2022d ago

So you are mad at it being a good game?

demonicale2021d ago

Apparently people don't mind paying full price for a game that was broken. Yes they fixed it, but its still not good enough!

Sadly people have sheep and fanboy mentality.meaning this will keep happening with games.

kenshiro1002021d ago

Stop with this 'broken' crap already. You want to know when a game is really broken?


The online was a problem but its been fixed.

TitanUp2021d ago

I don't play online modes in games so why should I be bothered that the online didn't work

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Death2022d ago (Edited 2022d ago )

Driveclub has been seriously under-rated. I highly recommend any PS4 owner that is into racing games pick it up. With that said, completing the game with the updates promised prior to launch is hardly a "thank you". Weather should have been complete prior to launch. The additional cars and tracks were promised before the game even launched. If they were sending out a "thank you", it should have been something that wasn't planned months in advance. A proper thank you would have been Driveclub PS+ edition by Christmas.

Morgue2022d ago

I haven't had this much fun playing a racing game since the Top Gear series and MSR.

telekineticmantis2022d ago

What's so good about the game, i'm considering getting it.

Death2022d ago

lol, the biggest thing is it's pretty much the only racer on PS4. It's also incredibly gorgeous and the cars handle very well. The AI is questionable at times, but I don't really see it as an issue. It reminds me a lot of Project Gotham Racing. It's a fun arcade racer with less depth than GT or Forza which isn't necessarily a bad thing since it doesn't try to be a sim. You do have some customization options, but you can't get lost in them. The emphasis is all on driving.

Kurisu2022d ago

Hopefully we'll get the PS+ edition before Christmas 2015!

kayoss2022d ago (Edited 2022d ago )

have you tried playing Driveclub with a full sound system? I turned on my surround system with bass, it was phenomenal. The first time i played the game with the Dynamic weather patch and the lightning struck in the game. It sounded so real, my wife thought it was from outside our window (from california and this was during the storm).

Dojan1232022d ago

Is this game more sim than arcade? Or the arcade over sim?

Death2022d ago

It's an arcade racer with virtually no sim aspects to it. The AI is very cut throat and at times feels like the AI cars are on rails. You are rewarded for driving with skill, but the AI makes it very easy to turn it into a game of bumper cars. It's lots of flash and a lot of fun. It's also a nice way to show off what your PS4 can do. You will be hard pressed to find a better looking game.

blakstarz2021d ago

Its more arcade which I like than sim, but it has some of the best damn controlling of car I've ever played.
And the sounds effects and car engines are freaking incredible. The crack of thunder when drive is bananas, even the sound of the windshield wipers is unreal, they nailed this to a T!

kayoss2021d ago

I think the AI are pretty good in this game. Not the best but better than Gran turismo. The AI will take advantage of every mistake you make. I tried putting the AI difficulty to max, I swear i could never catch up to the last guy. But when i put it half way, i can barely make it into 3rd place. What I've notice is that the AI will use other AI to their advantage...

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Emrage2022d ago (Edited 2022d ago )

Just bought it 2 min ago :) can't wait for it to arrive.

FanboyKilla2022d ago

Lmfao!!! bravo sony. You could sale hamburgers to a cow. Wow.

WeAreLegion2022d ago

"KillaFanboy" was taken, huh?

GameDev12022d ago

Finally you commend Sony, That took a long while

MasterCornholio2022d ago

That is so offensive on so many many. Even suggesting the fact that Sony can convince people to be cannibals is revolting.

demonicale2021d ago

100% agree, people and their blind idiotic sheep mentality

2021d ago
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Der_Kommandant2022d ago

I'll be buying the game this weekend, but please Evolution give us a new Motorstorm game.

remanutd552021d ago

Agree!!!! I'm a Motorstormer for life but man Driveclub is good, really good game. Evolution can start working on the most brutal off road racer ever created after they release Driveclub ps+ version, bring back Motorstorm.

PurpatraitorMGS2022d ago

I definitely accept their apology. I have been playing this game like crazy.