Kickstarter's Problem With Pillows: The Grisaia Trilogy Dakimakura Debacle

Marcus Estrada writes: "The Grisaia Trilogy Kickstarter campaign is a very big deal. Within the first day of launch it managed to achieve the entire $160,000 funding goal. Since then it has continued to sweep up visual novel fans’ hearts (and more importantly - their pledges). However, in between all this excitement Sekai Project was contacted by Kickstarter. They were told that any tiers with a dakimakura (pillow cover with anime art on it) would be revoked in 48 hours. Why remove pillow covers of all things? Kickstarter deems them inappropriate. The actual image of said bonus was promptly removed from the main page prior to Sekai Project sharing the unfortunate news. Although Sekai Project filed an appeal, the end result was that Kickstarter did remove those upper tiers."

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Nonscpo1392d ago

It's one thing to argue about about AO/18+ games, its another to argue against retail products that can be purchased and ordered just about anywhere. Shame on Kikcstarter for wasting Sekai Project and there backers time and effort!~