Telltale Games Created a New Genre and We Love It

CheatCC says - "We call Telltale games point and click adventures, but are they? Anyone can look at The Walking Dead and tell that it has very little in common with games like King’s Quest and Maniac Mansion. Point and Click adventure games are all about solving puzzles which sometimes amount to rubbing object A on thing B until you figure out what the developers intended. Still, they're pretty fun. Telltale games don’t really have any of this. You have an inventory but usually this inventory just lets you make different decisions in dialogue down the line."

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Godmars2901421d ago

And yet they don't seem to be too competent with it.

christian hour1421d ago (Edited 1421d ago )

Earlier tell tale games were definitely more point and click in style (sam and max, strong bads game for cool attractive people etc) but have taken on a more casual friendly and narrative form since finding immense success with Walking Dead (after letting the ball drop a little with Jurrassic Park/BTTF).

They're still point and click adventures though, that's like saying Mario 64 isn't a platformer but somethign new. Nope, it's still a platformer, they just happened to perfect how it should be done in its transition to 3d. The decline of Point and Click mostly came about due to how badly implemented and ugly the games became as they entered the 3d realm in the late 90s (or that brief experimentation period with lo res film on cd-rom games like Sierras Shivers series etc)

Tell tale just happened to prefect how it should be done (to appeal to the masses), and in an era where you can have aesthetically pleasing 3d visuals on par with lucas arts early greats like Full Throttle and the original Sam and Max games.

Obviously Grim Fandango was the exception to that rule, that definitely did it right long before Telltale came along, sadly it didnt perform as well as it should have, then games like broken sword etc just became shadows of their former selves when they jumped to 3d. I may be remembering wrong but I think the Discworld games had a similar story transitioning to 3d.


reading other peoples comments I'm guessing they didnt read the article. He never stated they invented the genre, just that telltale games may not be point and click adventures but something new.

But I disagree with the author on that point, they didnt invent anything new, they just made 3d point and click adventures appealing to the masses and safe for publishers to sign off on again (just ask Tim Schafer how hard it was for him to get an Adventure game pitched to publishers without being laughed out of the boardroom).

I'm still waiting on a true Point and Click like the ones I grew up with,Broken Age is on the right track but I'm waiting til the latter half is out before I fully make my mind up there. If anyone knows of any worth checking out I may have overlooked over the last few years please throw them my way :)

-Foxtrot1421d ago

Oh please people have done point and click games before TellTale

In the end they are over rated games which uses a franchises success, following and popularity to boots the games appeal because if you strip away their games away from the brand it's associated with they'd be average at best and wouldn't get high scores.

Maybe if they are so good they could create a brand new original game they've came up with themselves.

Fact is the games all play the same and if it was any other genre (FPS for example) people would be crying out that it's becoming too stale and they all feel the same. Why is that not happening here?

jambola1421d ago

It's not over rated
you just don't like them as much as others

mgszelda11421d ago (Edited 1421d ago )

Very overrated. Unless your decisions actually change the ending. Then saying your choices matter, is a load of crap.
Mind you other games boast that as well. Mass effect I'm looking at you

-Foxtrot1421d ago (Edited 1421d ago )

They are pretty over rated for what they are

People go on like they are amazing stories when I can get the same types of good stories from NaughtyDog, Irrational Games, Rocksteady, Komani with MGS, Valve, Remedy for example AND I get to have full control in the game...not just point and click my way through a small episode.

If the Walking Dead wasn't called the Walking Dead and was just, oh I don't know, something like "Another Zombie Story Episode 1" do you think it would of really gotten the best scores and GOTY....I doubt it. It got more attention because the Walking Dead, especially at the time it came out was highly popular.

Game of Thrones is very in now with it's increasing popularity, TellTale make a Game of Throne game. Minecraft is they do that.

When they did Jurassic Park and Back to the Future in the past the reason it didn't get more attention is because those franchises were not in, they were successful, popular franchises but weren't in enough to warrant enough attention. Face it TT just rely on big franchises which are in or have a cult following because that's what they need to do to achieve good review scores and attention.

christian hour1421d ago

Even if they have banked on the success of walking dead it got people I know who'd never touch a video game playing one, and enjoying it and then having "watercooler" discussions about their choices and the differences in their experiences with the story etc.

Of course the story isn't as rich and put together as well as games with linear stories like The Last Of Us or MGS etc, but it never could be. But the one thign it has over those games stories is that everyone could have a different story to tell within their group of friends, whereas with TLOU etc everyones experience with the plot is the same.

Saying that, TLOU has ruined storylines in games for me. I just skip cutscenes now. I picked up dragon age the other day and I just keep hitting the skip button. Damn you Naughty Dog. You perfect bastards.

Link2DaFutcha1421d ago

Because these games are more about the story, it's interactive story telling at some of it's finest, if you don't like it, don't play it. But I for one love everything they have been putting out and hope they continue, the writing on these games is phenomenal.

tirolll1421d ago

Heavy Rain did this style of point'n'click as well.

rainslacker1421d ago

I think from a game play perspective they are terribly lacking, but from a story perspective they have it nailed down pretty well, particularly with The Walking Dead. There is certainly more room for improvement.

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Der_Kommandant1421d ago

What about creating a new engine?

WeAreLegion1421d ago (Edited 1421d ago )

You sure about that?

Telltale has only been around since 2004.

Their first game in the current Telltale style was Sam & Max Save the World, which released in 2006. (Excellent game, by the way.)

Fahrenheit (Indigo Prophecy) predates that by a year. Omikron predates it by seven years.

Shenmue actually came out a month after Omikron. These are all great games though.

Bobby Kotex1421d ago

How old are you? You do realize games existed before you were born? Do some research and check out Sierra's adventure quest games from the 80s. Those aren't even the first ones.

WeAreLegion1421d ago

I'm fully aware. I was giving examples. Did you even click my first link?

Link2DaFutcha1421d ago

This is N4G, of course they didn't click the link. They just said what they wanted to without doing any research. Yay internet.

Grap1421d ago

And yet he still got agrees..

Snakefist301421d ago

Really?The reviewer forgot abut Heavy Rain?

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