Artificial Intelligence – Would Skynet be good at games?

One area that people widely agree has room for improvement is AI. Our artificially intelligent friends, enemies, and consorts (oh-er Bioware) really don’t seem to be much smarter than they have been for the last 10 years. But one interesting discussion point is that there is often a huge misconception about what “good AI” means.

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Gazondaily2030d ago

Wholeheartedly agreed (ofc).

AI has been terribly neglected. And yeah, with people obsessing so much over resolution and parity, don't expect any pressure in this department at all.

Volkama2030d ago (Edited 2030d ago )

Destiny's AI always felt a lot like Halo AI to me, and I suppose it's quite obvious why. But considering they're constantly hosted server side, it's maybe surprising how idle they are when they aren't in combat. As you line up the first shot it sorta feels like you're about to break up their tea party or fag break.

Gazondaily2030d ago

The sad thing about Halo AI is, I have genuinely not seen anything that is a significant development over that until now. Seriously. It's such a damn shame.

"As you line up the first shot it sorta feels like you're about to break up their tea party or fag break."

LOL! Yeah, I don't get that feeling to be honest.

In the original Far Cry, I really liked the actions of the A.I and conversations they would have. That made it feel a lot more life like.

Halo 2 took this to whole new level when enemy humans and opposing aliens would actually argue with each other. It was actually amazing.

This is what kills immersion for me so much, particularly in games like Deus Ex, Metal Gear and the like. Someone needs to sort it out. Please?

StrawberryDiesel4202030d ago

Great companies make good AI. Killzone 2 and Max Payne 3 both have very good AI in my opinion, specifically Killzone 2.

TankCrossing2030d ago

If Stephen Hawkins says that AI could kill us all then maybe we should stay focused on resolutions. 1080p never hurt anyone.

CorndogBurglar2030d ago

The first FEAR game had fantastic AI. They would all take cover as soon as you opened fire. The enemies would actively split off in different directions and try to flank you while you were firing at another enemy. They threw grenades to draw you out of cover.

FEAR's AI was just so good and I don't understand how a game that came out so long ago still has some of the best AI to date. Its like everything else has taken a step back since then.

Gazondaily2030d ago

A really good shout actually with FEAR. Forgot about that!

Roccetarius2030d ago (Edited 2030d ago )

I still think the Unreal series evolved some of the best A.I, but the progress in this department would've come sooner, if we hadn't been holding back progress in games due to a few obvious things.

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