Former Star Wars: 1313 Developers Working On "Intense" Action Game For PS4/Xbox One/PC

"Earlier this month 2K Games announced the opening of a brand new development studio, Hangar 13.

Whilst the announcement was nice enough and we got a little bit of information about the studio, very little was said about what their upcoming project would entail." The Games Cabin

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SaveFerris2019d ago

“We’re currently creating an intense action game set in an immersive world and with a strong narrative, but player agency is at the heart of everything we do. We want to give players the freedom to choose how to overcome challenges and make meaningful decisions that shape the world and characters around them.”

The above statement could be used to describe almost any game, from Pong to Dragon Age Inquisition.

elninels2019d ago

Pong? No. Major exaggeration.

SaveFerris2019d ago

Back in the day when Pong was one of the few video games available to play, it was pretty addictive and challenging. In my opinion, the action in Pong could get very intense, and if you stared long enough into the black and white screen, you could almost be immersed in it.

ATi_Elite2019d ago

Yes but will be his game make it to gamers screens or will it be cancelled like the last one is the question.

error132019d ago

Please not an fps, please not an fps.....

annoyedgamer2019d ago

Doubt it will be anywhere near as good as 1313. I dont even think it will be Cyperpunk.

elninels2019d ago (Edited 2019d ago )

Don't worry. Cyberpunk 2077 will quench the lust for grimy, dermal drug use, chicks with razors in the fingers and optic lense implants, unshackled A.I., and the consensually hallucinated matix.

I hope.........

Golden_Mud2019d ago (Edited 2019d ago )

Don't forget the realistic system of the game containing multiple languages in-game , so you could basically meet a Mexican who speaks spanish then go to another character and have him speaking English , also there won't be subtitles so basically , you need to buy a translator (in-game) of course. Cyberpunk 2077 is gonna be great.

elninels2019d ago

I forgot about that!!! Ugh i get giddy over this.

Pumped for the witcher 3, but way more so for cyberpunk 2077. I believe it will be a solid ways off however.

Entitled whining comes now.
I want a gritty cyberpunk game.
I want smog,
"body rentals",
body mods (skin texture, reflexes, optic enhancements, neck, ankle, and wrist ports)
acid beaches,
androids, A.I. constructs, dead people's minds' saved on ROM, the matrix, blackICE that can kill you.

Give me neuromance crossed with ghost in the shell.

wannabe gamer2019d ago

yes it wont be as good as 2 games we have only seen in video very briefly and no one has ever actually played at all. im sure of this