That Old PlayStation Can Aid Science

This spring, Gaurav Khanna noticed that the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth physics department was more crowded than usual. Why, he wondered, were so many students suddenly so interested in science?

It wasn’t a thirst for knowledge, it turns out. News of Dr. Khanna’s success in building a supercomputer using only PlayStation 3 video game consoles had spread quickly;

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blakstarz2020d ago

Truly amazing....the PS3 still and always will be an amazing console which is why I'm keeping my original 60gig one. Cool to see science are still using the PS3 beyond Fold @ Home....

traumadisaster2019d ago

I sold mine for a ps4 and quickly started looking for a ps3. Finally got a 500gb and brothas! I love that joker so many backlogged and never experienced games.

Multiplats got to my 4kpc but I can still dig old games.

blakstarz2019d ago (Edited 2019d ago )

Glad you got should of tried to get the original 60GIG dude! :)

The was truly the best one, I installed a 1Tb drive in mines. and the amount of games I have on there from PS+ is insane and I still to this day haven't finished them all (got about 35+ on there).

Its all good.

Kavorklestein2018d ago

I think we just stepped into a time machine.
This was old news.... way back in 2008