Sony Looking To Protect Customers From Further Hacks With New Security Standards

"Sony hasn't had the best of times recently, what with all the bad press they've received after numerous attacks directed at the PSN over the last few years as well as the recent attacks by Kim Jong-Un and his mates which prompted the cancellation of The Interview.

Hacks and attacks can really damage a company, as Sony is only too aware and it can have a knock on effect causing potential customers to be put-off in the face of privacy and security issues.

It seems Sony realises that proper online protection is needed to keep customers and stakeholders happy, so they're hiring for a new Director of Vulnerability Management Engineering to prevent further mishaps." The Games Cabin

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JMaine5181398d ago

Good and much needed move by Sony. Understanding the problem and do what they need to do to take care of it. I hope this guy does a good job getting things on the right track.

opoikl1397d ago

I just hope this news doesn't entice certain people to accept the new challenge these security measures will bring.

Joey_Leone1397d ago

LOL at the disagrees, they want bad things to happen to Sony lol.

Malice-Flare1397d ago

they should. better late than never...

Gh05t1397d ago

...or on the flip side, too little too late.

Brisco1397d ago

Better late then never I guess..

mysteryraz111397d ago

good, I dont want sony to die I want to see future sony playstation systems to continue to be produced, though they should have done this back in 2011 when psn was hacked

OOMagnum1397d ago

Its crazy how much they didnt care about their security before hand . Im glad its getting more secure.

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The story is too old to be commented.