Has EA changed Hardline too much to be a Battlefield game?

MWEB GameZone writes: "EA is taking a huge gamble with Hardline by completely changing the features and game mechanics that are trademarks of any Battlefield game. Gamers have always favoured Call of Duty for its specific features and Battlefield for its vast and open war-zones. With Hardline, the difference between Call of Duty and Battlefield are blurred. Hardline could draw new players, or it can cause existing fans to withdraw their support

Here are the core changes fans can expect to experience in Hardline.

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bmf73641420d ago

It really shouldn't have taken the Battlefield name to begin with. It would've been fine as a new IP by Visceral

venom061420d ago (Edited 1420d ago )

this is the WRONG site to be talking about Hardline at all.. this is a VERY VERY CoD fanboyistic site, so anything they say should really be taken with a grain of salt.. If anything, the game resembles more of GTA5 than anything CoD has even come close to creating.. When has Cod EVER had vehicles?? When has CoD EVER had cops v robbers??? When has CoD EVER had all out street chases???? ABSOLUTELY NEVER... CoD shouldn't even be mentioned in the same sentence with Hardline. So NO.. The "lines between Hardline and CoD" are NOT blurred at all. Try again CoD fanboy site... Hardline looks fun as hell.. Especially the Hotwire mode.

HanCilliers1420d ago (Edited 1420d ago )

Excuse me, where do you get that info from? I've been the site manager for years and we are most definitely not a CoD fanboy site. In fact, we've written a lot of negative CoD articles.

Secondly I think you are completely mistaking my point regarding CoD/BF.

Lastly, I never said I dislike BFH, in fact, again, if you search the site you'll see the many positive articles about Hardline.

So before you make such accusations, go check your facts

lord zaid1420d ago

Dude. What are you on about.

You understand that this website has multiple authors, with multiple opinions and we don't all agree with each other. Some of us at MWEB GameZone are really looking forward to Hardline and others not so much.

The same can be said of COD.Some here like it, others not so much.

KwietStorm1420d ago

This is a question that should have been asked when the game was first shown/played. Or alternatively, why is Battlefield even in the title.

schmoe1420d ago

i dunno hey, i am not sold. I agree with the headline, its not so much a battlefield game and there are none of the cool features that make battlefield the success that it is. I reserve the right to be proved wrong and i pray its the best title of 2015, but i am still nervous. Almost as if its an entire new IP attempting to leverage of previous successes via name alone.

HanCilliers1420d ago

I agree, BFH is confusing to Battlefield fans. It's a big gamble, but I for one hope it pays off.

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