The "New Nintendo Console" Guessing Sweepstakes Have Apparently Started

With rumors flying around about a "new" Nintendo console, what's fact and what's fiction?

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DarkAstronaut2018d ago

Fact - Nintendo's making a new console.
Ficton - Everything else.

People usually don't know what's in Nintendo consoles until they're release, Nintendo is ran like Area 51.

EZMickey2018d ago


People really need to learn what Research & Development means for hardware manufacturers and they'll understand Sony and Microsoft are doing the exact same thing too.

Agent_hitman2018d ago (Edited 2018d ago )

Yeah same as when PS4 and X1 was in the development R&D stage. People were speculating too much like Sony will use Intel Larrabee and MS would use either newest IBM Power7 or ARM Cortex for XB1 etc. etc. But unfortately it didn't happened.

N4g_null2018d ago

I don't blame nintendo most people don't know tech they just buy higher numbers.

You have to remember they have a China console to release. It has to be cheap too. We still don't know what is in the new 3ds yet. Well no one can tell you yet lol..

I'm wondering if Nintendo rolls out the old ultra 64 hype train. It seems people respond to this better. Plus amd apu supposed to be getting better. An hsa model would be worth it.

One core wii for bc and control. One core wiiu for streaming tech. One core apu with a really beefy gpu. Introduce solid-state hard drive with their own extra gpu if necessary. Support lighting bolt.

Make this the highest end platform which can double as a devkit. Let it run pc software also. Give us gpu card access so we can put a titan in it. Stacked ram on the motherboard. Dynamic over clocking would be cool also.

Keep the wiiu going and the super wiiu are the same with scalable graphics. Super wiiu only software is available around 2017. Modding of wiiu software possible. Maya apu version comes with the super wiiu.

The gamepad becomes a true portable and gets the arm chip. Two play styles, wearable or game pad mode. 4k display with the screen sliding out of the controller. Full tracking gear irs. 3ds becomes the infinite s.

All gear works together to form voltron! The Thundercats really do come over to play video games.... Yeap true story bro.

Unity3d 5 should change a lot.

Now wouldn't that be a good rumor.

If I was nintendo I would come out on stage at E3 wearing a power glove. How hardcore would that be? A new version is revealed! That actually works! A preview of the ultra 64 is only available thur the cloud because it ripped a hole in reality way back then that it can now be enjoyed in the future through the wiiu lol.

superchiller2018d ago

Great ideas, but they are far beyond fantasy when it comes to Nintendo products. If we've learned anything about the Nintendo of the last decade or so, it's this: they simply don't have the expertise to design genuinely competitive, high-end hardware. So instead, they design mediocre hardware, and throw in a gimmick to try to reel people in. They will never release any kind of cutting edge product in the future, just not something that they are capable of doing, anymore.

N4g_null2018d ago

Wow you agree with me lol. No really nintendo problems is they know gamers can be cash strapped. They try to make the cheapest hardware so that everyone can play. Seriously sony nor ms made their own hardware. They simply glue the components together. There is no one at nintendo, sega, ms and Sony that can compete with nvidia. Seriously even amd struggles to keep up.

Nintendo also makes sure their consoles don't burn up. They just need to make tech that can scale and or last. Then old systems can be turned into handhelds.

Sony was right nintendo introduces new gamers to the core of games and gameplay. Sony is about movie gaming. That is a compliment now. They are separate markets.

With everything moving towards pc gaming nintendo doesn't really need to male much. They can simply contract out the best contractors.

Nintendo will be the last to go x86. Although they just really need a beefy gpu and some good hsa and suddenly your eye will bleed.

iluvmaPS32017d ago

You say they make cheap hardware so everybody can afford it? The weeU is still only 100 bucks cheaper than the ps4 and only 50 dollars cheaper than the xbone but yet its specs are garbage. Dont be fooled thinking they care about the gamer. Like any business it's all about sales, the WeeU should be priced no higher than 150-200. Nintendo has to adapt with their next console. If its not more powerful than the ps4 by a large margin no one will buy it in 3-5 year.

JsonHenry2018d ago

I'd bet that the next Nintendo console and handheld will have very similar architectures. Which would be good for more than just ports between the two.

Other than that I couldn't possibly guess. Unless they make a system like the WiiU where the screen-gamepad is actually the handheld (like a 3DS) that is capable of being taken off and playing your games out and about but is also the controller of the more powerful home console it comes bundled with.

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enamiiz2018d ago (Edited 2018d ago )

Incorporate the 3DS Augmented Reality into glasses and start doing boardgames. Have Intelligent Systems working on an equivalent to Star Wars 'Dejarik'. :) Link-in QoL tech.

AKR2018d ago

Don't see why people even bother trying to figure it out. Nintendo are like ninjas; they're swift and they're silent. You don't really know what's going on until they WANT you to know what's going on, and by then, it's already in your face.

Whatever their next system may be; we won't be hearing about it for a while. The Wii U just turned 2, so there's AT THE VERY LEAST, 3 more years to go before its successor is released. Case-in-point; the earliest we'll truly know anything is 2016, if not 2017.

ricochetmg2018d ago

If they are smart two years would be best with backwards compatibility and use of the gamepad.

GokuSolosAll2018d ago

A 2017 release would be best. It's not like there's any rules on this and we've seen consoles released in a similar time frame. Looking at Wii U's poor performance, it makes sense.

AKR2018d ago

The console is still turning a profit though; as long as it continues to do that, there's no reason to try and push it out of the way earlier.

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