New Final Fantasy 15 footage is pos-Cid-ively Titan-ic

Joystiq: Square Enix showed off new Final Fantasy 15 footage this weekend as part of Japanese gaming, anime and maga convention, Jump Festa 2015. While short, there's plenty of new footage to be enjoyed, including first glimpses at series mainstays Titan and Cid.

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masterfox1396d ago

I don't want to get excited cause SE has disappoint me so many times, but damn this FF game the more I look this trailer I like it even more, it has atmosphere, it has the visuals, I actually like the characters, I like the dark approach, and also the music it sounds epic too.

........Nooo I won't forgive you SE.. until I played this game 2020 !!!

tanukisuit1396d ago

A lot of us want to believe again, but with the recent slew of game announcements for MOBILE (only) and that stunt at PSE, can say I blame people for being overtly pessimistic.

GrieverSoul1396d ago (Edited 1396d ago )

Until I see someone with a controller actually playing the game, I wont believe any of this. It looks wayyy too good to be true. Like that first Final Fantasy XIII demo a few years ago that that showed damage numbers during a battle scene. Turns out it was a Full Motion Video with numbers added to it.

I want to be excited for Final Fantasy. Its the franchise that elevated my love for gaming to an art form. But Squenix has let me down way to many times.

N4g_null1395d ago (Edited 1395d ago )

Forget you guys that game play looks like bayo2! It's about time! Finally something for me to play on the other consoles. I just hope they don't mess it up. Just wait for the demo or rent it.

Well 2020 just got better.

Kumomeme1395d ago

its nothing alike bayo at all
not even kingdom hearts
the combat system way too different

leahcim1396d ago

I think that you are being very optimistic with the release date.

2021 is the year.

Agent_hitman1396d ago

This looks spectacular indeed.

PsBoxGamer1395d ago

It looks great been waiting dam near 10 years for it! I hope it's good.But I have a great feeling about this one.I like the storey plot, Dark setting and the Characters.That's a good way to start.Now we just need a great gameplay experience!

Elda1395d ago (Edited 1395d ago )

Love everything FF,can't wait for this game!! (edit)wow...I get a disagree because I stated a fact that I love the FF franchise..absurd!

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