From Bayonetta to Smash Bros., How Nintendo Conquered 2014

Nintendo may not have dominated sales in 2014, but their games outshone their rivals to make the Wii U and 3DS the consoles to have.

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DarkAstronaut1396d ago (Edited 1396d ago )

"Nintendo may not have dominated sales in 2014, but their games outshone their rivals to make the Wii U and 3DS the consoles to have"

If people felt it was THEE console to have more people would have bought it.

Some of the pieces regarding Nintendo are coming off as a bit delusional lately.

Nintendo fans didn't even buy Bayonetta.

DarkAstronaut1396d ago

Let me add, people obviously do feel this way about Nintendo's handhelds over the Vita.

Griever1396d ago (Edited 1396d ago )

I agree; customers are the ultimate judges and the judges have given their verdict against Wii U. Oh and what is up with all these articles in the past weeks praising Nintendo, declaring them the winner or telling people to buy their console/games. Either the NIntendo fans are in full gear or the Nintendo marketing machine is in the full gear. If they want to sell their consoles to customers then they will need to change and adapt to the modern gaming landscape. The gaming market has expanded exponentially since the 90s yet they are unable to expand and grow because of their stubbornness. Their home consoles only exists as a "me too" product with a relatively handful of fans as they keep trying to convince people to buy it. Nintendo does not makes what people want to play. They want people to play whatever they make. That is the sole reason of their fall from the position of the market leader. In the business world you need to keep changing and adapting with times. That is the basic rule of business strategic management.

Chrischi19881395d ago

If so, why do people always try to spin the original Wii into something bad? It sold over 100million times. People always try to make it seem bad.

AJBACK2FRAG1396d ago

Lol!!!!!!!!! I literally just got home from buying Bayonetta 2 (and 1!)!!!!!! Dude I like you you are frickin' funny!!!!!!!!

DarkAstronaut1396d ago (Edited 1396d ago )

Great enjoy it, it's a great game.

That doesn't change the fact it's one of the lowest selling titles of 2014. It's numbers are sadly embarrassing. It did under 75k it's first month in the US. It's under 200k worldwide.

I posted the links to the numbers below.

wonderfulmonkeyman1396d ago (Edited 1396d ago )

"Nintendo fans didn't even buy Bayonetta"

Its first 2 days outshone the first full week of the first game, and it's still getting sales steadily.
And it hasn't even hit 6 months yet, which was around the time the first game stopped selling much.

At this point its closing in on, if not already at, 400K, and by the mid point of next year it should hit that 1M goal.

So do tell me, again, how has Bay 2 not sold to Nintendo fans? Heck, taking into account the historical fact that most of Platinum's games don't hit high numbers on top of the fact that the Wii U's install base is smaller, how has it sold bad at all?
The maker of it even went out of their way to say thanks to Wii U owners for giving it such a warm welcome and for giving it such high recommendations again and again.

If there's a faction that didn't buy it when they should have, it's the supposed "true fans" that bought the first game, but ditched the second for being a Nintendo exclusive.

There were somewhere close to 2M of them.
Where's THEIR contribution?
I'll tell you where; its spent on another game.
Because they didn't want to go multiconsole for the sake of following a series they loved.
Their console preferences mattered more to them than the series despite the Wii U being so cheap.

For the record, I bought the PS3 version years ago, and I also bought the combo pack of Bay 1 and 2 on Wii U, so I've done my part in spades.

How many of those other "fans" can say the same?

Edit: Neither of those sources are taking into account the digital and physical sales since then, and its first week in the US combined with its JPN release numbers totaled up to 300K or so. Black Friday has come and gone and Christmas is just around the corner; it's most definitely close to 400K by now, if not past it.

Maybe look into it more?

DarkAstronaut1396d ago (Edited 1396d ago )

Lol, it's no where near 400k. Don't quote VGchartz.

Bayonetta 2 US NPD (68k)

Bayonetta JP (38k)

Since, it has disappeared from all the charts.

Make no mistake, I'm not happy about this.

Bayonetta 2 Sold Through 67% Of Its Shipment (First week 38k From Media Crate)

kwandar1396d ago (Edited 1396d ago )


Your numbers unfortunately are no better than VGchartz. For the US the sales numbers were a "rumour".

All your other figures relate to sales of Bayonetta in Japan were Bayonetta 1 (in spite of their being far more consoles out to play it on) didn't do well either.

I'd also point out that you are missing the e-shop sales where many of us (myself included)purchased a copy.

The "best" number at the moment is VGChartz combined with the fact that even as a mature title, it topped the e-shop sales.

Bayonetta 2 is likely on track to half a million in sales, which isn't bad for a mature game with only 7MM consoles in the field.

AJBACK2FRAG1396d ago

Lol I had to hunt my copy down lol!!!! One more thing in and around my town there is very little Wii U software available! There's hundred's of Xbox One and PS4 video games readily available! In my local Wal Mart they had next to no Wii U video games and I started thinking do these guys know something I don't lol! I thought either the Wii U is getting discontinued by Nintendo or Nintendo is is starting to gain some momentum!! Lol! I just didn't know which!!!!! Before the Wii U was released I saw great potential for it. I used to say,"The Wii U is going to be hUge lol!!! I also keep saying ad nauseum that the least powerful and the least expensive console ALWAYS wins it respective generation lol!!!! I know it's only my town but... Which is it??? Is the Wii U actually heading towards the light loll!!!!!!! Or is it crashing and burning??? All I know is I love mine!!!! Christmas day I get to finally open up my copy of Super Smash Bros. and Bayonetta 2 then either way the party's gonna start for me lol!!!!! See you on Miiverse and I pray I get to Smash each and every one of you!!!!! Excelsior!!! No wait... Go Nintendo!!!!!! I have a radical idea for an Amiibo!!! Remember the e3 when Shigeru Miyamoto came out brandishing a Master Sword and he did all those heroic poses????????? I'd love a life size Amiibo of that lol!!!!! What a beautiful day!!!!!!! I laughed! I cried! I cheered and was never soooooo happy to be a fan of Nintendo!!!! Awesome!!!! People! This is where the fun has been hiding!!!! GO NINTENDO!!!!!!!!!

Dubaman1396d ago

"Lol, it's no where near 400k. Don't quote VGchartz.

Bayonetta 2 US NPD (68k)

Bayonetta JP (28k) "

Both of those articles you linked to are labelled "Rumour".

"Don't quote VGchartz."

Concertoine1396d ago

This is an opinion piece, it expresses the author's opinion that it was the console to have.

I kind of agree. The only thing on PS4 i was truly in love with was LBP3. Everything else was decent to mediocre. I cant speak for the xbone as i dont own it. But on Wii U we had DKCTF, MK8, Bayonetta 2, Smash.. even little games like Capt. Toad, Hyrule warriors or NES Remix were pretty good.

randomass1711395d ago

I know it's not an exclusive, but have you tried Shadow of Mordor? It's a very good blend of LotR, Arkham Batman and Assassin's Creed. It's also not broken and buggy lol. I personally love it so if you have a PS4 or even an XB1 to play it on I'd definitely recommend it. :)

DC7771396d ago

Well I think a lot of people, "journalists" especially still seem to think the quality of games is better not necessarily the sales figures.

It is a lot of fun, with more to come.

Metallox1396d ago

Wonder when are we going to get numbers of Bayonetta 2, Driveclub and Sunset Overdrive in the United States.

Those 70K units are claimed by a single user in NeoGAF (a reliable one, but still...).

eightiesbaby1396d ago

So according to your dumb logic, last gens Wii was THEE console to have? Many would disagree with you, Ps3 and Xbox 360 was THEE consoles to have last gen even though they didnt sell as much as the Wii, they had the better games.

Sales and hype doesnt equal quality.
You can't play sales but you can play quality games and as a gamer, the games will always be more important than sales and this gen so far Wii U has the best quality and highly rated games.

dubal-e1395d ago

I'd have to respectfully disagree with you. The reason being, the best selling console is usally the one that appeals most to the average consumer. Look at the Wii. It appealed to consumers well and sold like crazy even though it clearly wasn't the best console on the market. This time around the Wii U doesn't have that same appeal but if you go by the quality and ratings of their games the system seems to offer what some would argue as a better or higher quality gaming experience. I will say this though, when it comes to variety of gaming the Wii U is very lacking. No sports games, no big open world games (cept Lego city Stories a lego like GTA) and very few shooters. For now at least.

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Cindy-rella1396d ago (Edited 1396d ago )

So Nintendo had two highly rated game in 2014 and a few others and supossedly they conquered 2014? What about the over 100 games that werent on the wii u or 3ds and a lot more coming out next year that will not be on any Nintendo consoles.

As a single console owner and core gamer, i would never choose to buy a Nintendo console because there are always a lot of gaming drought on Nintendo consoles where youll go months or even a year for something highly rated or good to play. A lot of Nintendo fans like to disagree with the truth but are multiconsole owners so they can weather the droughts on Nintendo consoles because they are gaming on consoles with better gaming support often times.

AJBACK2FRAG1396d ago

Dude!!! You're funny also!!!!! Just remember the least expensive and least powerful home video game console ALWAYS wins it respective generation!!!! Keep that mind you funny little treasure troll!!!!!! On a lighter not at Target this evening I saw a weird looking dude buying an Xbox One lol!!!! With Kinect!!!!!!! I literally crossed myself the only thing that piece of junk is Kinected to is the bargain bin! Another one of the many failures of Microsoft's Xbox brand!!!

Kingdomcome2471396d ago

Defending your brand: Fine, Pointless jabs at another console: Lame Why even bring the Xbox up?

guyman1391d ago (Edited 1391d ago )

Using that many exclamation marks is not only annoying , but is also extremely immature. Are you 10 years old? It sure seems like it to me. Wii u is a great console and games like smash brother's are extremely fun. However, the ps4 and xbox one is pushing out a far wider variety games than the wii u in 2015 (second year), especially the ps4. 2015 is the wii u's 3rd year. Nintendo seems to be pumping out sequel after sequel for games like zelda, mario, donkey kong, etc. It's just platformer after platformer... I need games like uncharted, TlOU, quantum break, bloodborne, etc.

Then play smash brothers for a change of pace.

wonderfulmonkeyman1396d ago

As a single console owner and core gamer, you really should come to the realization that you are letting your console pride get in the way of owning and experiencing a much wider variety of excellent games.

Take off the console war solder fatigues and start saving up for a second console, and stop making incorrect presumptions about a console you don't even OWN.

During the Wii U's first year and a half, btw, I didn't even have a need to touch my PS3. It kept me entertained just fine.

Spotie1396d ago

Good for you.

Unfortunately, that doesn't seem to be the case for anywhere near the majority.

For myself, there aren't enough current and upcoming games for me to justify a purchase; has nothing to do with saving up or any such nonsense. For others, they may only wish to get one console right now, and knowing the third party franchises they like will be passing on the Wii U will discourage them from buying that console.

A problem with articles like this is when the author says the games made the Wii U the console to have, yet sales didn't bear that out. I MAY get a Wii U before Xenoblade comes out, but it's not a priority.

It's fine if you prefer the console, but I've noticed Nintendo fans seem to pretend any evidence that points to the Wii U or its games NOT being the best thing on the market pretty much just get ignored. I mean, it's all well and good that Bayo2 is doing better than the original, but that's not really saying much, is it?

Cindy-rella1396d ago (Edited 1396d ago )

I prefer pc gaming first and console gaming second. Ps4 is the best console and thats why its selling the most now. Wii u sales are horrible not because its an amazing console but because people dont consider it a good console or investment. The wii u cant even do half if what a ps4 can do or will do in the future but its price is so close to the ps4s price.

People can debate quality of games but history proves that Playstation always have the most and highly rated exclusive titles.

I dont need or want to play all games or all exclusives for each gaming console. I can do without certain experiences. I have a lot of responsibilities in life and value a lot of things that have nothing to do with gaming. Gaming is a hobby i enjoy but dont need to game all the time.

I'd love all games to be available on the pc but it isnt so, so i bought the ps4 which is the most powerful console on earth and has the most games available for it and will have the most and highly rated exclusives for it. Some will prefer other things which are fine and certain consoles fit others more than other consoles. To each their own

People can deny it all they want but ps4 is the best console for core gamers. It doesn't mean that people can't prefer xbox one or wii u or the atari 2600. Ps4 has so many good atributes over the other consoles that makes it better and a knowledgeable person would know that. Im not listing them because no matter what is said a fanatical contrarian will disagree.

Dubaman1396d ago (Edited 1396d ago )

Question: If you favour PC gaming then what makes the PS4 the best console? A lot of it's games can be found elsewhere, including the PC. Unless you really like Shadowfall and Second Son, im just curious as to why would a PS4 make the better companion console to a PC gamer? I myself am a PC gamer and my main console is the WiiU because of it's exclusives and general awesomeness which i can't get anywhere else. Plus, the day i have to pay to play online is the day i stop playing online all together.

@Kwandar Well Said +1

kwandar1396d ago (Edited 1396d ago )

If you're using a PC for gaming, you mean .. you bought a PS4 to play the "maybe" two exclusives worth playing on it?


The PS4 may be the "most powerful console on earth" but it is a piece of crap next to a good PC.

eightiesbaby1396d ago

I take it we have a Justin bieber and britney spears fan here, Yh they sell the most so they must be the best. Lol what are you? An idiot with a stupid logic.
Sales doesnt dictate the quality of something

4logpc1396d ago

I'd have to say just from a quality perspective, their games were the best this year.

AJBACK2FRAG1396d ago

Now somebody's talking some sense!!!! Nintendo is the only home video game console manufacturer that is mainly responsible for the video game content on it's devices!!!! Why do the the PS4 and Xbox One look the same? Why are the controllers very similar? Why is the tech similar??? To make it easier for (lazy) third partys because with out them both consoles would cease to exist! You want to talk about waiting for anticipated software lol!!! You'd wait years for a PS4 or a Microsoft first party video game to be finished! Not half finished a fully playable piece of video game software from them might take lol!!!! Decades!! Personally I think both companys are actually incapable of accomplishing such a feat!!!!!!!!

Now flip the coin. Nintendo's controller is radically different. The Wii U's tech is radically different why? Because Nintendo doesn't have to get on their knees and kiss EA'S. Sony and Microft do. People think the Wii U is under powered but I think every piece of video game software Nintendo has released for the Wii U has looked great, controlled extremely well and has been complete and extremely fun to play! Remember when people used to say the Wii U isn' a true next gen console? I actually think it's the other way around Microsoft and Sony two giant dinosaur's stuck in the mud fighting to the death!

iluvmaPS31396d ago (Edited 1396d ago )

Keep believing 32gb hard drives and old technology is next gen! Use as many exclamation marks as you can! Be in denial!

ZainreFang1396d ago

Wii U is the winner to me, at least.

firelogic1396d ago

So being handily destroyed by Sony and Microsoft is "conquered 2014" eh?

Counting up the sales numbers is the only way to measure success when a company is selling a tangible piece of hardware. The fact that WiiU sales were terrible means that their games did not in fact outshine their rivals.

The fact that the WiiU sold so poorly is clear evidence that it was not the "console to have."

Griever1396d ago (Edited 1396d ago )

Nintendo fans judge Nintendo console's success by Nintendo's profits and "fun." Sales, customer base and developer support do not matter to them. I wonder how they define and quantify this "fun" they often talk about that can supposedly only be offered by Nintendo.

wonderfulmonkeyman1396d ago (Edited 1396d ago )

"handily destroyed"
Says the person that only looks at sales graphics and specs, instead of profits, ratings, and growing positive opinion towards the system itself, especially from the indies.

It came out on top in E3 this year and their Zelda special at the VGA's got more attention than the whole of Sony's Playstation Experience did.[there's an article about that somewhere out there, too, if you wanna search for evidence]

Sales are only one factor; they never tell the whole tale.
Wii U's not doing as bad as people want to pretend it is.

Griever1396d ago (Edited 1396d ago )

Here come the profits... :/ Who the hell gives a damn about Nintendo's profits? Do we gamers get a share of them? Sales are what matter! PS4 never would have gotten SFV as exclusive it weren't for the sales. Xbox 360 never would have been able to take away several Playstation exclusives last gen if it werent for the sales. Developers DO NOT waste their money on a poorly selling console and as a result, the gamer who owns that console does not gets any games to play. Just like in the case of the Wii U. Has the Wii U got Dragon Age Inquisition? Metal Gear? Destiny? Witcher? Final Fantasy? Tomb Raider? Nope! That is why hardware sales are important for a gamer and not Nintendo's profits. The Wii U has been selling horribly. It sold 3 million in launch window but it has not been able to reach 10 million in TWO WHOLE years! It got surpassed by two rivals that launched a whole year later in a less than a year! How is that not doing bad? It is the worst sales performance in home console history!

kwandar1396d ago

Hah - Who cares about the sales? Do we gamers get a share of them?

Lets be honest here. Profits matter. Sony is on its last legs and could be broken up at any point. If they are broken up, who is buying the gaming unit? Microsoft or Nintendo?

Microsoft is rumoured to have lost billions in this space, although admittedly they can afford it. But shareholders are itching for them to dump it. Who are they selling to? Well duh, Nintendo, because Sony can't afford to buy.

Profits matter.

KingDustero1396d ago

Lol Nintendo only "won" the VGAs. This was ONLY because Sony didn't show their Uncharted 4 premiere there. If they showed it that night, no one would have cared about Zelda.

The Wii U does have some quality exclusives now, but it took two years to get any. The Ps4/One had a MUCH better first year in both sales and number of quality games.

From what we know so far, Sony and M$ are releasing a LOT more quality exclusives next year than Nintendo is. Heck I think Sony has more games coming out that first half than the Wii U does all year.

Nintendo has no clue what they're doing anymore. They're stuck in the past. The only people who think they're doing great are their blind fanboys who refuse even try a Sony/M$ console. Sales show this. Unless Nintendo does a 180 with their next console they'll become a third party or handheld only dev.

randomass1711395d ago

I love Sony and I think the Wii U is a great console. Come at me bro. >:p

iluvmaPS31395d ago

Nintendo came out on top at e3? I feel bad for Nintendo owners if all they have to look forward to is zelda. Probably the same people who watch the same movie over and over again. And you're definitely wrong on the sales of the WeeU. It wont even reach 25 million. No soccer moms this time

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Dubaman1396d ago (Edited 1396d ago )

Hey firelogic! What'cha plaaayin?

The sales of a games are the not the be all and all of what makes a game or a console fun.
Mario Kart Wii sold more than the entirety of the Uncharted franchise. 35.5MILLION! HOLY BALLS..If they made just $30 from each game sold it would be $1,065,000,000 ...
I know right

Guess that means the original Wii is better to have than a PS3 AND a PS4, no questions asked. It has the higher selling game series after all!

You see, with that line of thinking - how your logic just goes up in smokes?

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